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NaNoWriMo 2009

Three hundred years after a near-apocalyptic world war, the people of Earth have created space habitats in order to survive the death of the planet. In 2626, the world's first generation ship is completed. The WonderSaga follows the 223 people who leave our solar system for the very first time.

I believe this is my third go round on the WonderSaga. Last year I made about of 35,000 words, which I'm pretty sure is the most I've ever written on anything. Given what a hard year last year was, and since I wrote all through November, I consider 2008 my win for my goal of “completing National Novel Writing Month.” This year, my goal is to win National Novel Writing Month. Despite the fact that we're supposed to be moving to Missouri, I really think I can make 50,000 words by the end of the month. *knock on wood*

I think I know my characters pretty well (the main ones I worked on last year, anyway), and this time I actually have some broad plot lines worked out. I've been piddling around on backstories and bios for two years now, so I'm really excited about writing and not wandering this year.

My cursor on my new laptop seems to spontaneously jump into the middle of paragraphs I've already written, so that will add an extra little dollop of challenge.

I've updated my super awesome NaNo Space Soundtrack. I've gotten profiles for everyone, I think, who volunteered their names for characters in this post.

Is anyone else participating? Or if you'd like to follow along as a supporter, let me know and I'll add you to my NaNo filter. If you can see this post, you're already on my filter. (Feel free to also let me know if you want off.)
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