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Haggis the Fearsome: Yulebuck lineage

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Now that I finally have the internet again, and with Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to open my Haggis the Fearsome lineage up to the public. Haggis the Fearsome is my Yulebuck, and one of my very first eggs (I started DC on Christmas day last year).

I already have a request for a Yulebuck breeding from Haggis on Christmas, so I cannot promise any Yulebuck eggs. I'll be happy to breed him after Christmas if anyone wants an egg from him specifically.

A bit about Haggis (taken from his description):

All Christmas dragons embody the Spirit of Christmas, but there's something slightly off about Haggis. He embodies the Spirit of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Haggis has a chip on his shoulder because he was born with bright red stripes, and all of the other dragons used to laugh and call him names. He constantly got into fights as a hatchling and quickly gained the moniker "Haggis the Fearsome" after defeating the scroll hotshot, Han Sum, in three consecutive schoolyard battles.

Haggis usually smells of strong eggnog, and he loudly bemoans his holly-leaf wings whenever he's drunk. He rails against commercialism and will completely trash any yard he finds decorated with neon reindeer.

Haggis the Fearsome and all of his progeny, including ALL generations, have “So-and-So the Such-and-Such” names. I also cross lineages and am happy to breed with any lineage I have, so long as you keep all lineage names. Several people to whom I have given eggs agreed to breed for folks once upon a time, but you'll have to check with them directly if you want one of their eggs.

Here are the Haggis dragons. Most of mine have descriptions. I have NOT checked them all for inbreeding, so if that's an issue for you, let me know and I'll run them through the inbred check before breeding. Feel free to request a specific dragon/pairing/breed/lineage:

Haggis the Fearsome CB Yulebuck male; lineage patriarch

Curse the Sudden but Inevitable Female skywing; also part of Firefly lineage
*Unnamed Male pebble. I'm particularly proud of his even/double-rare lineage. If you have it, please let me know! Firefly lineage
*River-the-Confused-Assassin Female grey; Firefly lineage; owned by Ahkalia
*Unnamed Female grey; Firefly, Ridiculous, and it looks like possibly Dungeons & Dragons lineages. Owned by Malandar
*Two by Two the Hands of Blue Male grey; Firefly; owned by MrsPlinks

Inara the Ambassador Purple female; Firefly; Buddhist lineage

Haggis the Timid of Crystalmoor Female white stripe; owned by Sscott3825
*Princess Nenya Haggis Misnamed but still counts; unsure of owner. Since she and her children don't carry the lineage name, I won't list them all, but if you have any from this line, feel free to reinstate the naming.

Haggis the Dorkface Black alt male; Dorkface

Rabasa the Demon Child Female white stripe; Demon Child's lineage
*Angel the Demonic Female white; Demon Child's'; Angel lineage
*Hermeth the Peaceful(and unnamed children). Female white. Owner is unlisted, but I have zir in my records.

Hanbi the Dorkface Male vine; Dorkface

Haggis the Ridiculous Male almost-pb daydream; Ridiculous lineage
*Aesir the Ridiculous Daydream Female daydream; Ridiculous

Haggis the Magi Male magi

Haggis the Magnificent Male water
*Haggis the Lost Sailor Male water; Grateful Dead-themed, although it's not necessarily a lineage you have to keep.

Black egg Will be named upon gendering; Grateful Dead-themed.

If you want a Haggis dragon, you MUST keep the naming theme. I really prefer that following generations keep it as well. I was very disappointed to see that the theme was lost along the way, as I went nearly a year keeping it whole! I do understand that these things happen, especially if extras bounce to the AP. I always try to find specific catchers who will keep the theme if I get multi-clutches. If you find that you had one and didn't know, feel free to add yours here and I'll update the list.
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