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Our Farm

I've been neglecting this blog. I'm going to try to work on that. I've been sharing most of our pictures and updates on facebook, so a lot of you have probably seen these already. I'm long overdue for a picture post about our new place though, so I thought I would share.

First and most importantly – we have two new additions to our family! Well, technically we have three, if you count the stray and skittish cat that lurks around. Eden's named her Princess. I haven't been able to get a picture of her, as she has a tendency to run from all of us and only sneaks to the food bowls when she thinks we're not looking.

We got Bo, a rhodesian ridgeback, with the house. The german shepherd we were supposed to get was hit by a car, so the owners left us Bo instead. Apparently they couldn't take big dogs to the place they were moving. Bo is an energetic, kind of dumb dog. He reminds me a lot of our old dog Brutus, only slightly smarter. Slightly. Bo sometimes doesn't know how to handle himself around the lady-dogs. He got overzealous with Achaiah on an icy day and ended up knocking her down. Poor Achaiah twisted her ankle pretty badly and was laid up in the house for days, needing Josh to actually carry her outside to use the potty. We're trying to decide whether Bo should be neutered. Now, I purposefully chose not to fix Achaiah, but I generally feel most animals should be fixed. I'd hate to see how crazy Bo might go if the ladies go into heat. He's a good coyote dog though, and Josh is afraid that fixing him might take away that aspect of his personality. I think he's coming around to the idea since Bo hurt Achaiah.

This is Bo. We've taken to often calling him Bocephus.

Our next newest addition is Biscuit. We're not entirely sure what kind of mutt she is, but we think she may be a beagle/dachsund mix, maybe with a dash of something else. Biscuit didn't have a name when she came to us. She was given to us by the guy who sold us our new vehicle, and that guy never fed her. He'd picked her up somewhere and apparently tried dropping her back off, but she kept returning to his house. He hoped that by not feeding her, she'd just leave. The poor thing had obviously had puppies, but I'm not sure how recently. She was just skin and bones when we got her:

We've been doing what we can to rehabilitate her. Biscuit will definitely be spayed, if the vet thinks she's healthy enough to handle surgery. Poor baby didn't even really have enough body heat to keep herself warm, so I broke down and bought her a doggie-sweater, though I generally feel bad for victims of the whole pets-in-clothes thing. Her first sweater, an ugly hunting-orange thing, was stolen right off her back. Someone's been messing around our place pretty regularly again. We're working on nipping that in the bud. I was really upset that they'd take a sweater off a poor dog who obviously needed it. We bought her a new one, and so far, that's helping. Josh also built her and insulated dog house, and she and the other pups all got new pillow beds for Christmas.

We've only had her for a week and a half, but I think she's looking much healthier. I thought I saw actual improvement after only a day and a half!

Biscuit's close-up.

Biscuit at Christmas, two days after we got her. Doesn't she look so much healthier already?

Sable kept coming in through the heating vents. This picture turned out to be the last time, though. She's gotten so big!

Josh was so happy to get a home with a fireplace. We paid to have a chimney sweep clean it up before we used it, and then we found out that we can't use it yet! We have about $500 in repairs that we'll have to make first. (Sadly, that seems to be about two months worth of our freaking electric bill. Never had central heating before, and it sucks.) The back plate in the fireplace is missing, and the chimney pipe was taken apart and put back together incorrectly when they put the new roof on. Apparently they used it anyway, but we won't take any such fire-hazard chances.

House from the front yard. You can't see, but it has two additions built onto the back. They're not the best quality, but it'll do. We have a lot more room than we did in our other trailer.

We have a carport and nice rock-lined garden areas.

Our two outbuildings. The front one is Josh's work building, and the one in back is the barn/chicken coop.

Babyface & Sable, who's growing by leaps and bounds. We have our own woods, and when we take walks, even the kitties come along! Bo is the only one who doesn't, and that's only because he prefers to get the food bowls to himself.

Cinder digs walks in the woods.

So does Achaiah, my first and oldest baby.

Hello from the Mack ladies!

This is in the clearing across the street. We have 30 acres on the house side of the road, and ten acres on the other. Most is, unfortunately, woods. We'll have to clear some land before we can farm too terribly much, but we're working with babysteps.

We found the coolest rock in all existence. I named him Philbert. We have to refind him and bring him back to the house. I want to keep him.

I finally broke down and bought a gun. This will hopefully help with the weird trespassers who keep messing with us, as well as with our goal to become hunters. Josh found half of a gun cabinet in his building and finished it up. He also made the bullet belt and bandolier. He's so crafty.

The girls, all safetied up and holding Biscuit out of the way.

Target practice.

Apparently I'm not the sharp-shooter that I was back in my JROTC days. Then again, this is a much bigger gun (30-30), and it's been thirteen years since my JROTC days.

Not too shabby for our first time. We seem to hug the right side, though. Josh's are closest to the bulls eye (he's had BB gun practice, so his aim is a bit better), but one of those up there is mine too.

You might notice that there aren't a whole lot of pictures of the inside of the house. That's because most of it looks like this:

We're still living out of boxes! Our brief bug problem seems to be well and truly taken care of, so now we're going to buckle down and get everything unpacked. I'll save the rest for before and after pictures.

If you'd like to look through my whole Farm album, you should be able to access the public link here.
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