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Artist's Way

I was going to write an AW update today, but I'm not really feeling it. So I'll give you the short version:

* I'm a week behind, cause I kind of fell off the wagon when we left town for the weekend last week. Have only done morning pages once since then.

* Morning pages fucking suck. Seriously. She says we're probably avoiding something, but I really just find them boring and a huge chore. Like homework. I'm not getting anything out of them. I'm going to try to pick them back up though. I think it will work better if I start doing them in the bedroom before I join the family for the day.

* I will be starting my reading deprivation this week (a week late). This means no internet for me for a week! EEP! Well, I will probably eventually do a real check-in, and I'll still come online Wednesday to post my dailyrumi & WonderSaga Wednesday entries. I won't be reading & playing though.

* I've been REALLY GOOD with doing more artsy stuff & staying on top of the Flylady/exercising more stuff. I've even been drinking more water. Go, me! Haven't fasted yet, but I'm weaning off caffeine & increasing water in preparation. Oh, and snacking/drinking less. Really, go me!

So, I guess call me if you need anything. I'll be avoiding emails & the IM.


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Feb. 21st, 2010 05:28 am (UTC)
Your letter arrived and we're going to try and call you guys either tomorrow or Tuesday morning (I figure that shouldn't be too late if we call you in the morning even if I miscalculate time differences).

I might not be commenting much, but I am reading and am very interested in seeing your creative endeavours!
Feb. 21st, 2010 05:31 am (UTC)
Very cool! I have no idea what the time difference is, but we'll be glad to hear from you guys no matter how early.

Thanks for sticking with me! I'm trying to get things back on track, and hopefully I'll have some cool stuff to share in the future. I've been following my f-list pretty well lately too, although I guess I won't be this upcoming week. :D
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