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Plants Started!

I'm starting about a month later than I meant to, but at least I started some seeds today. I'll be posting mainly to keep my notes in a place where I know I won't lose them, all the better to track progress/tweak next year. However, if anyone wants to share their own farming/gardening goals, tips, or work here, please feel free!

I have not bought any new seeds yet. I'm trying to use up my old seeds before I spend more money. These are all at least a year or two old. Some actually have dates back to 2005. So I'm expecting that some won't germinate at all. We'll see. I've started them in damp paper towels, which I then put into sandwich baggies & have labeled. Whatever germinates will go into flats or the cold frame.

I'm in SE Missouri, which seems to be right on the border for hardiness zones. I'm either in 6a, 6b, or plain old 6-7, depending on which map I check.

** Lettuce – Gourmet Blend (Grand Rapids, Royal Oak Leaf, Salad Bowl, Red Salad Bowl, & Ruby)
45 days – early-mid spring or late summer. Rows 1 ½ ' apart, ½'' depth, seedlings 3-4'' apart

** Lettuce – Simpson's Curled
45 days – spring or mid-late summer. Rows 1 ½ ' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 8'' apart

** Spinach – Bloomsdale, long-standing
45 days – Mar-Ap & July-Aug. Rows 12'' apart, ½ '' depth, seedlings 6'' apart

** Cilantro/Coriander
Ap-July. Rows 12'' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 6'' apart

** Tomato – Rutgers-Select
55-60 days – Ap-June. Rows 3' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 3' apart. Keep moist.

** Tomato – Large Red Cherry
55-60 days – Ap-June. Rows 3' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 3' apart. Keep moist.

** Black-eyed Peas – California Blackeyed #5
60-70 days – Ap-June. Rows 3' apart, 1'' depth, seedlings 2-4'' apart.

** Carrots – Danvers Half Long
70 days - Ap-June. Rows 12-15'' apart, ½ '' depth, seedlings 3'' apart. Water LIGHTLY

** Serrano Peppers
73 days – March-May. Rows 18''-2' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 18'' apart. Sunny spot & fertilize at 6'' tall.

** Broccoli – Waltham 29. Technically this is cool season/fall, but I want broccoli so I'm gonna try.
74 days – early spring or midsummer. Rows 24'' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 16'' apart

** Beans – Midnight Black Turtle
100 days – spring. Rows 2-3' apart, 2'' depth, seedlings 6'' apart.
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