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Broccoli & lettuce are going wild in their trays. It makes me happy. Some spinach & tomato seems like it's starting to germinate, so I need either plots or more trays to put them in soon. Nothing else seems to be doing it, but I'll give them just a couple more days.

I had like five online friends all drop me in one day, exactly 3 weeks after my friending amnesty post. The timing is amusing. I'm inclined to do a cull of my own really soon (seems Universe has started it for me anyway), but I'm going to wait until I'm not omg so sick and then I'll clean out all of my own accounts (lj, facebook, twitter). Anyone I haven't heard from in a year or two, or whom I just don't feel like we're gelling, will likely be culled out by the end of the week. I haven't actually done this in a while - I said I would once, but held off when life got busy.

I do plan to post a WonderSaga excerpt sometime today, but I must first figure out if there's any passage worth posting. I haven't written in several weeks. I'm trying to find a good passage that includes the one person who asked about her character, but I'm not actually sure there's a very good passage with her yet. There's a crappy-but-it-amused-me passage, but I'm not sure that's up for public consumption.

Since I'm omg so sick and trying to stay away from the kids, I'll probably lock myself in my room at some point & try to get caught up on the Artist's Way. I'm about 2-3 weeks behind now. Any of my buddies still doing it?

If I get better before Friday, I'll have my hunter's ed course and be one step closer to self-sufficiency. Josh passed his test yesterday. All we need are the proper licenses and some tags, and we're good to go procure dinner from our very own 40 acres!

Edit: Oh! And at some point soon, I'm going to join in on this pic-a-day for a year thing that three or four of my friends are doing. They're all on FB, but let me know if there is any interest in me cross-posting them here. I may start today, actually.

Edit Jr: And I started! Here is the first pic - lovely, gorgeous broccoli sprouts! Shall I keep posting them here?

Now, off to catch up on that artist's way thing, since sleep eludes me.
Tags: artists way, farm, friends, lj, wondersaga

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