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WonderSaga Wednesday: The van Kessels

Well, I was correct. There's not really any good passage that I feel like sharing today. Maybe it's the sickness, or maybe it's the meds (or maybe I'm just right!), but I'm just not happy with any of it as I look over what I wrote for NaNoWriMo. However, since I did have one person who wanted to see how 'her' character was doing, I thought I'd post a couple of profiles. Katrina van Kessel is the ship's administrator, and Hadley van Kessel, her son, is the conservationist. They're pretty short, unlike most of my excerpts.

Name: Katrina (Messer) van Kessel
Position: Administrator
Birthdate: Jan. 18, 2571 (55)
Place of Origin: Ontario, Canada, Earth
Spouse: deceased (Miles van Kessel)
Religion: pagan
Mentor: n/a
Apprentice: Fiona Murphy (secretary)
Appearance: 5'6”; wavy brown hair, usually worn up; glasses; accessories; very professional
Proficiencies: Planning, organizing work & social. Meticulous. Clerical/management, governmental studies, Peace dpt, some languages (English, French, Spanish).
Hobbies: Reading (mostly research or biographies), likes classical music.
History: Katrina is an Earth-native who's lived on Akupara for five years. She graduated from University with honors (a Masters in Business) and was offered a job with ISACC at age 26. There she met Miles van Kessel, a conservationist on the Akupara project. They married when she was twenty-eight and had one son, Hadley. Miles died when Katrina was 37, leaving her a young widow with a nine year old boy. When the Launch Date was announced two years later, Katrina applied and was offered the Administrator position.
Hadley van Kessel – son, 27
Audrey Mills – Captain, friend
Jackson Mills- Second, friend

Name: Hadley van Kessel
Position: Conservationist
Birthdate: April 28, 2599 (27)
Place of Origin: Ontario, Canada, Earth
Religion: pagan
Mentor: Kristoff Lyle (relocated → Lagrange)
Appearance: 6'; light brown hair; green eyes; round, friendly face
Proficiencies: Animals, tracking, trapping, forestry, vet/first aid, wrestling, animal training
Hobbies: fishing
History: Hadley was born on Earth to Katrina and Miles van Kessel. Canadian. Father died when Hadley was 9. His mother applied for Akupara when he was only 11 or 12, so he was included under her application. Both were approved when he was 19. He had expressed interest in following his father's footsteps as a conservationist, and had followed such a course during the application years. He moved to Akupara earlier, at age 20, to apprentice under Kristoff Lyle.
Family/Contacts: Katrina van Kessel – mother, 55
David Gurney (vet) & Vicki Gurney (zookeep) - Randolph

*note – I think I changed his buddy “Randolph” to a girl, but I'm convalescing in bed and not willing to go hunt down my notes to find her new name.
Tags: friends, nanowrimo, wondersaga, writing

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