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An Invitation to Join My Reiki Master Filter

I've decided to start my second filter. This filter is only for friends who are Reiki Masters. Obviously there's an honor system to this, as I won't require you send me your certificate or anything. If you are a Reiki Practitioner who has not taken the Master attunement yet, please wait until your Master/Teacher attunement. I know there's passion and enthusiasm, but all things in their due time. My entries will not substitute proper instruction.

The main reason I'm starting the RM filter is because I am looking to begin teaching now. I've promised several friends some classes, but kids, doula-ing, and life keep throwing me off track. If I have friends who are helping and encouraging me in this, I will likely stay on track and devote the proper energy to this. My main short-term goal is to put together a good Reiki I worksheet & class plan, so that I can offer classes for my sister, who is healing, and several other interested friends.

I also believe in the power of distance classes when enthusiastic people live in an area that is not familiar with Reiki. I have at least two online friends who have not found Reiki classes (or practitioners!) anywhere locally, and they are hoping to take distance courses with me. I know some Reiki Teachers frown upon this, but I believe in the distance power of Reiki and that this wonderful healing method should be available for all. So I'm just letting you know up front that this is something I'm interested in pursuing.

If you are a Reiki Master of any tradition, feel free to comment here to be added. If your school breaks up the Master and Teacher courses, I would still encourage you to be added if you're interested, if only to watch the process as one RM begins. If you would like to be added and we are not on each other's f-list, that is a prerequisite, so please friend me when you make your request.

Thanks so much for your help and support in this!
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