Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Planting Update

Well, our farm is coming along! Man, we have some rocks in our yard. Digging plots by hand was taking forever. After two weeks of work, we had three small-ish plots. They're long rectangles, but thin so that I can reach the middle. Yesterday, we bought a tiller. Josh has gotten three more plots done just today! Hooray for having the right tools for the job.

I've edited this post from nearly a month ago. I took too long getting a lot in the ground, and my germinating sprouts mildewed and had to be thrown away. I need to stay on top of that if we want a farm. At least next year won't take so long, since we'll have the beds already plotted out. I've been germinating seeds in damp paper towels inside sandwich baggies. The beans didn't germinate at all. I think I'll need to just plant those straight out. The rest, most sprouted, but several were left too long and had to be tossed.

Here's what I managed to get planted out:

Gourmet lettuce (our favorite)
Tomatoes (rutgers)

Serrano Peppers

I also added some already-started plants we picked up at the store: red onions, one Beefsteak tomato, and nine (I think) red cabbages. We also have a strawberry plant, but we still need to find a nice place for those.

Today, I started more seeds, including a second batch of some that went bad:

** Spinach – Bloomsdale, long-standing
45 days – Mar-Ap & July-Aug. Rows 12'' apart, ½ '' depth, seedlings 6'' apart

** Carrots – Danvers Half Long
70 days - Ap-June. Rows 12-15'' apart, ½ '' depth, seedlings 3'' apart. Water LIGHTLY

** Jalapeños
72 days – March-May. Rows 2 ½ ft apart, ¼'' depth, 18'' apart. Plant hot & sweet peppers separately.

** Grand Bell Pepper mix
65-85 days – April-June. Rows 24'' apart, ¼ '' depth, 18 '' apart.

** Zucchini – Black Beauty
63 days – May-July. Rows/hills 3-4 ft apart, 1'' depth, 3-4 seedlings/hill.

** Yellow Squash – Early Crookneck
42-60 days. Hills 3-4' apart, ¾ ''-1'' depth, 2-3 plants/hill.

** Acorn Squash – Table Queen
75-90 days – Ap-Jun. Rows 4-5' apart, 1'' depth, 3/hill.
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