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Third batch of seeds started tonight. I've actually had a lot more success than I expected, given that many of our seed packs are dated back to 2004 or 2005. Not all of them have germinated. I'm not sure that my carrots are going to do anything at all, and some of the others sprouted but seem like they died off after I put them in the ground. I keep trucking away though. I've picked up a few new seed packs too. I think I need more hummus or compost to help a lot of these out.

From the first batch, I successfully have the following babies:

** Gourmet Lettuce – some of them died off after being put in the ground, but some are hanging in there.

** Broccoli – wee seedlings are still going strong, though not getting much bigger.

** Onion sets – hanging in there. Only a few have died out.

I'm pretty sure that my serrano peppers, cilantro, and tomatoes died after being put in the ground. I'm still hoping to see some activity, but I can't find any of those peeking up at me.

From the second batch, we have:

** Zucchini - All of our squashes took off with a strong start, allowing little seedlings to be planted out. Definitely see all those, and hopefully they'll last.

** Yellow Squash

** Acorn Squash

I also sat out store bought seedlings of red cabbage and one tomato plant, and those are doing well.

I've planted my spinach & jalapeño in flats, to try to give them a stronger start before putting them in the ground. Both had little root sprouts, but I have yet to see seedlings pop out of the soil. I'm going to give them a few more days, but I fear they might have died outside in the flats. My grand bell mix is still in the sandwich baggie and looks like it's trying to sprout a little bit. I'll give it another day or two before I give up.

I'm giving a few of these another try, even though they didn't germinate the first time.

** Spinach – Bloomsdale, long-standing
45 days – Mar-Ap & July-Aug. Rows 12'' apart, ½ '' depth, seedlings 6'' apart

** Serrano Peppers
73 days – March-May. Rows 18''-2' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 18'' apart. Sunny spot & fertilize at 6'' tall.

** Cilantro/Coriander
Ap-July. Rows 12'' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 6'' apart

** Pole Bean – Kentucky Wonder
60-75 days – Ap-June. Rows 3' apart, 1 ½ '' depth, plants 10 '' apart. Stake.

** Alaska Peas
55-60 days – Ap-June. Rows 1 ½' apart, 1-2'' depth, 2' apart. Water ground, not plants to combat fungus.

** Watermelon – Carolina Cross #183 (giant) Lame seed pack only gave 5 seeds.
100 days. Hills 5-7' apart, 1'' depth.

** Cantaloupe – Hale's Best
85 days. Rows 5-6' apart, ½'' depth, plants 2' apart. Cold sensitive.

I have one store-bought strawberry that needs to be put in the ground as soon as I figure out where, and I broke down and bought two bell pepper plants today. Hopefully those can go in tomorrow, weather permitting.
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