Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Planting Update

Planted out:

Flats – cilantro, serranos

Plots – spinach, bell pepper mix, watermelon

As far as my seeds, I had to toss out the batch of carrots. I had enough left to try it once more, but I'm pretty sure they're dead seeds. Those were dated from 2004 anyway. I think I'll need to mark which packs have dates, so I know if they're bunk just because they're old. I have a new pack of carrots I'll try next week if these are all dead.

** Beans – Midnight Black Turtle (2004)
100 days – spring. Rows 2-3' apart, 2'' depth, seedlings 6'' apart.

** Carrots – Danvers Half Long (2004)
70 days - Ap-June. Rows 12-15'' apart, ½ '' depth, seedlings 3'' apart. Water LIGHTLY

** Eggplant – Black Beauty (2004)
65-70 days – Ap-Jun. Rows 2 ft apart, ½ '' depth, seedlings 2' apart. Keep fruits picked to encourage growth.

** Black-eyed Peas – California Blackeyed #5 (2005)
60-70 days – Ap-June. Rows 3' apart, 1'' depth, seedlings 2-4'' apart.

** Sweet Corn – Early Sunglow Hybrid (2005)
63 days. Rows 2 1/2-3' apart, 1'' deep, seedlings 8-12'' apart.

** Tomato – Jelly Bean Hybrid (2009)
70 days – Ap-Jun. Rows 3' apart, ¼ '' depth, seedlings 2' apart.

** Jalapeños (2010)
72 days – March-May. Rows 2 ½ ft apart, ¼'' depth, 18'' apart. Plant hot & sweet peppers separately.

** Pumpkin – Jack O'Lantern (2010)
100-115 days – Ap-Jun. Rows 5-6' apart, 1'' depth, seedlings 2-3 plants every 6'. Water consistently.

Edit: Back from the store. I picked up a few more seedlings, since so many of mine haven't taken off. 4 pack of tomatoes (early girl) and serrano peppers, and one thing of cilantro. It's raining, but I'll probably be planting those out tomorrow.
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