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Farm Evolution

The garden has never really recovered from our Asheville trip in May. We got a good deal of it weeded upon our return, but then I went back to work, and it's really grown crazy. Josh and I have begun the reclamation process, and we're hoping to get another crop in before winter.

We've decided that, despite the abundance of rock in our yard, rock linings just don't work. They looked pretty at the other house, but those were mostly bigger rocks that helped cut back weeds. These rocks just get in the way, get lost in the grass, and threaten to break our lawn mower. We've also decided that walking paths between the plots just won't work if we can't afford to pave them in some way, as it just gets overgrown faster. So we're taking the rocks up and Josh is basically going to plow one huge bed.

Peppers seem to do really well here. My four serrano peppers have been providing us with enough harvest to keep up my serious spaghetti sauce fixation. I'd sown extra jalapeño at the very far end of the garden, and to my surprise, I found a whole row growing not too long ago. Josh jumped on that and weeded around all of them. He's been wanting jalapeños and the ones from the store go bad too fast. We have six of those, which we're carefully nurturing. My two sad bell peppers have finally gotten little bitty nubs on them, so I'm glad they've finally decided to join the game.

The onions were doing pretty well too, but they were lost to the weeds. Josh had to weed eat the whole onion bed down. I salvaged a few small red onions. We've finally invested in some weed barrier to use. Hopefully it will help! Our lettuces were doing fairly well, and we ate several large salads off of that in the early summer. I stopped cutting them and they pretty much bolted. Had a wee bit of spinach before the weeds killed the little guys. My red cabbage were doing very well, but I believe they and my broccoli were attacked by cabbage worm. We didn't eat off those at all. I think one or two of my cabbages on the end might be non-holey. And while we completely lost all of our acorn squash and yellow squash, we've got several good zucchini plants going. I've killed a few squash bugs off of those. Hopefully they won't get out of control. Oh! And we have one very hearty watermelon plant. Plus my basil inside.

Since we're mostly going to plow up and start over (adding some of our good compost this time around), I started some more seeds. I'm still using up mine & mom's old stash of seeds, and some are extremely old. Figured we might as well use them all up since I have them, especially since this is our big learning year.

Josh and I are in the process of making a mission101 list for our farm. I think this is going to really help us get things in order. I'll try to wrap that up and share it soon.

Some of these might be a bit late for their season, but the pack was open so I decided to give it a try.

** Spinach – Bloomsdale Savoy (1994)
½” deep in rows 18” apart, spacing seeds 1” apart. Thin to 3” apart.

** Lettuce – name missing “extra crispy” (2006)
Thin seedlings to 6” apart, starting when plants are 2” high.

** Lettuce – name missing, red “stunning color” (2006)
Thin seedlings to 6” apart when 2” tall

** Lettuce – name missing “colossal head” (2006)
rows 1 ½' apart, thin to 6” apart when 1-2” high, wait 3-4 wks & thin alternate plants for final spacing of 12”

** Mesclun Mix (2006)
rows 1 ½' apart

** Cherry tomatoes (2006)

** Yellow Squash (2006)
plant ½-1”, 3-4 seeds in rows 3' apart

** Zucchini (1993)
4-6 seeds around 12” diameter hill. Thin to 3 seedlings per hill

** Cucumber (2006)
plant 8 per group & space groups 3'-4' apart. Later thin to 3 per group @ 4” apart. Warm, rich, limed soil

** Onion – white bunching
humus rich soil, 1 seed per inch in rows 18” apart. Thin if too crowded.

** Brussels sprout (had one seed!)

** Cilantro – container (2009)
¼” deep, 6” apart, rows 12” apart, thin plants to 6” apart when 2” tall

** Oregano – container (2009)
1/8” deep, 12” apart, rows 18” apart. Thin or transplant to 12” apart when 2” tall.

** Chives – container (2007)
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