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Spring! Birth is in the air...

I have another interview with a potential client. She's not due until September, I think, but starting early. She feels like she may want to switch providers and have a homebirth. She also has a nine year old son who might be interested in participating. It sounds like such a wonderful experience to be invited into! I'm really hoping that we hit it off and she hires me.

I'd like to give a special thanks to nedia782, whose post yesterday (sorry I didn't comment - I plan to!) served to remind me to keep my birth out of it. I'll admit that I'm one of those women who always seems to say, "My birth happened like this..."

It's not so much self-centered - well, ok maybe a bit. As a woman who loves birth, I'm always wanting to chat and swap experiences. But I have recognized this tendency in myself before, and I try to keep it out of my doula side. Such a challenge! I realized I slipped into old habits again at my last meeting, but this time I will try to keep it professional and stick to the client's birth. On the phone I did mention to her that I'd had the midwives she's considering switching to - she wondered about them and waterbirth availability. I also mentioned Eden was a water birth. Ok, so she knows I have background with that --- Now I can keep my mouth shut unless she asks me specific questions about my own birth! Thanks for the reminder, nedia782. :)

All fingers crossed? Good, thanks so much! I'm off to get ready. Hopefully I have time to clean out my car first...the backseat has become a toybox.
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