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Be a Conscious Co-Creator

I'm disturbed at the number of 'rages' I see on people's journals and in the communities. Now I know a blog is someone's personal journal, and periodic rages can be expected. I'm guilty, although I try to F-lock those posts so that I don't publicly look like an jerk. I'm sure I sometimes fail. But my rule of thumb is:

* If I'm snarking
* If I'm insulting
* If I use the f-word
* If it appears unprofessional

Then I try to post them privately, or not at all (memes not included - I make friends that way *grin*).

Etiquette is part of it, but not all. I strive to be a conscious co-creator in my life - I consciously work with the Divine and follow basic Universal Principles. These are my personal beliefs, but I feel they complement all faiths.

The creation process is made of three steps:
1. Thought
2. Word
3. Deed

Through these three steps, we create our lives. What we put out comes back to us ten fold - maybe even more. If you're unhappy with your life situation, look at what you're putting out there. This is still something I'm struggling with, but I am improving.

Watching my thoughts is definitely hardest. Just because we think something negative, rather than say it aloud, does not make it any less potent. I'm definitely guilty of negative thoughts - especially in traffic. ;) Josh has caught me cussing people and lovingly reminded me to call them 'God-Lights' instead of, say, 'Dirty, F-ing, Idiotic Bastards'. Slowly but surely, I'm improving.

Word is extremely important as well, for those are consciously chosen and shared with others. My Reiki Master reminded me that Reiki flows on the breath, and we should always watch what energies we put out that way.

For instance, when I'm with doula clients...

Yes, the birth atmosphere in hospitals is less-than-stellar these days. It is my job to educate women, but I try to make my wording empowering. For instance, there is one local hospital with a 'purple pushing' policy. When I hear a mother is birthing there, I see that they are aware and educated about this. An exchange might go something like this:

"We're going to be birthing with Hospital A."

"Oh really? They have a wonderful labor unit. It's been my experience, though, that they prefer to have women birth supine - on their back, or slightly raised, with feet in stirrups. Of course, it could depend on the care provider. You may want to talk with your care provider ahead of time and let him know that you prefer to move around and birth in whatever position feels most comfortable with you. It's much better to be clear about those things ahead of time, rather than introduce those desires while you're crowning."

I did my best (and there's probably room for improvement) to make my words empowering - to affirm the mother's power over her labor. Don't see it? Here's some things I consciously choose to avoid, words that undermine the mother's personal power:

"At Hospital A, they make you birth in the stirrups."

"You might have to ask your care provider if they'll let you move around and birth in the position that you feel comfortable in"

And I did NOT ask, "Are you comfortable birthing that way?"

No woman in labor is going to be ok birthing that way, unless she's had an epidural and physically *can't* move around. Just by affirming her ability to move around and birth in the way she chooses, I am also indirectly reaffirming her power, and my faith that yes, you can do it.

This is what I put out. Interestingly enough, I'm usually contacted my mommas who are particularly interested in birthing naturally, have educated themselves, and are clear and secure in their birth choices. And those are the births I'm always most interested in attending. :)

Deed is even more important. How many of us watch a person say one thing, while claiming to act differently? If you send out mixed messages, that is what you'll receive from the universe.

The best example of this goes back to tithing. "I trust God with all my heart, and I know that He'll provide for me just as He provides for the birds of the field. What's that? Give away a tenth of my income? I have bills to pay!"

Yes - I'm guilty of that as well.

But everytime money is tight, we get behind on our bills, and I'm putting forth all that worry-energy, it's a good reminder for me to continue tithing. I often feel like the woman who gave only a penny...But every time I give back, I *do* receive so much more.

I began a tithing program at church, hoping to cut the rope and accept the Universe's bounty into my life. My first tithe (by definition, a tithe is ten percent) was $0.50. By the end of the twelve week program, my income (and therefore tithes) had increased so exponentially. My last tithe of the program was almost $100. That may not seem like much, but given that I was paid weekly, that meant I was now bringing in close to $1000 a week, where before I had struggled with less than $100.

By mindfully watching our thoughts, our words, and our deeds, we choose the kinds of life experiences we have. I put out what I get back - not what I want to get back. Putting out wanting only begets more wanting. I try to move through life gratefully accepting the wonderful experiences that are my life.
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