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I should have known that I would not be the best at charting. Shoot, I could barely take a pill at the same time. My temps were all over the place, nothing conclusive, and then I pretty much just got lazy. I'm going to try to get back on the temp taking wagon, but my work schedule is all over the place, so I'd have to take it at different times. Could explain why I never saw a set pattern.

I've decided instead to splurge on some of those ovulation tests. Wow, those things are expensive! The box I got came with a mail-in rebate though, so I'll get a little bit back. I'm suspecting that maybe I don't ovulate at day 14 (I wonder what percentage of women actually do?), and I'm very curious to learn my ovulation cycle and luteal phase. Given that both previous times, we got pregnant while actively trying to prevent that, I figured that we'd get pregnant right away once I got my IUD removed. Nope. I'm not discouraged at all, but I am trying to be proactive. I just hope I haven't already ovulated and missed it. Supposedly my fertile time would be this weekend, but taking the test last night showed no LH spike. We shall see.

It's very helpful for me to know that we're not alone. I have at least two or three friends who are also TTC right now. That's really great. And so many pregnant friends, too! I don't believe I ever had a pregger buddy the first two times, so I'm hoping that several of us can walk this path together. Me & my sister would really love to share pregnancies, so I just hope it works out before she's too far along! It would be a fantastic way to share with her despite being across the country now.
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