Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

The Artist's Way: Week 1

How is the Artist's Way going for everyone? So far, so good on this end, even though I've been pretty sick this week.

I've been doing pretty well on the morning pages. Only got about a page yesterday, but I was so ill. I enjoyed a rather fantastic shamanic journey earlier this week, probably the same day I started AW. I've been overflowing with energy and creativity, even if I've been sick.

Yesterday, I sent some time designing by dream home. Tina and I used to do it every summer, so I thought it would be fun to see how my designs changed since I was 12 or so. I used to have very elaborate castles with hidden rooms. Now I have a farmy, zombie-proof compound. I would totally build this if I won the lottery, and all friends would be welcome to come help survive the zombie apocalypse. Today I spent time designing the actual new house I would build. It's a lot like my old dream home, only much more farmy. The basic layout is still the same. Guess I'm a girl who knows what I want. And I want a two-story living room, a giant library, and secret rooms (now with zombie getaway tunnels).

Josh is going to take the girls out shopping here shortly. I'm considering a more in-depth artist's date, but I might just end up cleaning or napping.

The writing is not going very well lately. All of my projects seem to have died while I was away doing NaNo. My RPG is likely dead, which sucks, because I'm pretty excited about my characters. I'd been planning a writers group with some buddies, but I haven't really heard back and don't know if that's still on the table. Possibly after new year's, maybe. I hope I still have such creative mojo then. I think I'm going to try to do at least a short prompt every day. I've been working on the WonderSaga for so long that I don't really have any other viable ideas, and I'd really like to start submitting short stories somewhere. It's long overdue. Too bad I lost all my old work. Eh.

I'm hoping to do some painting again, even though I was never really good at it. I would also like to try crocheting, weaving, baking, and more tweaking/inventing my own recipes. My cousin & dear friend, Cole, likes several of my dishes and has asked me to make a farm cookbook sometime. He seems to like that I fix vegetables a lot of different ways. I'm quite honored, although to be honest, most of my recipes came from mom. I've tweaked them to my liking and created my own salsa recipe, though (which I will tweak further when I decide which specific types of tomatoes and peppers, etc., make an honest-to-goodness awesomesauce like no other).

Lots of plans and wants in there. At least I have a wanderingish plan. I've had several friends jump in to do it together, so I'm really excited and feeling good about this round.
Tags: art, artists way, farm, friends, shamanism, writing

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