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Back on the Artist's Way Wagon: Check In

So, I've finally caught up on my week 1 & 2 tasks and am ready to start week 3. I've completely fallen off the wagon with morning pages (I always do. I hate them), but I suppose I'll try to get back on track.

Week 1 Stuff:

Catching up on week 1, it's obvious that it focuses on finding your negative influences. I've done a lot of forgiving & releasing work over the years, so I really don't like rehashing that. I tended to skip negative tasks and focus on the positive ones. However, I thought it was important to explore my current blurts/negative self-images, so I made a list of the ones that apply to me.

I can't be a successful, prolific, creative artist because:

1. I have no talent.
2. I can't finish what I start.
3. I'm not creative enough.
4. I'm not good enough.

Those seem to be the ones I am currently carrying around. Here are my positive alternatives, which will be serving as my affirmations:

1. I am very talented.
2. I am able to quickly & enthusiastically complete my tasks.
3. I am a creative being.
4. I am both talented enough & worthy enough to succeed.

Here are the affirmations she suggests that I've chosen to work on this week:

5. I am a channel for God's creativity, and my work comes to good.
6. As I create & listen, I will be led.
7. My creativity heals myself & others.
8. There is a divine plan of goodness for me.

So this week I plan on focusing on a few tasks that bring me joy and help "fill" me up. I plan to focus on my reiki and shamanism work. I want to do more daily self healings and start getting in a better place spiritually. It's time for me to start getting my MO reiki school off the ground. I am so stuck for a name, but I can't let that stop me. I'm good at it, I feel better when I'm doing it, and I absolutely need to start getting myself set up so that I can set my own schedule and work from home.

I did the time travel task, where you choose 3 champions of your creative self-worth. People, awards, instances that have helped encourage & validate you. I find that my memory was very blocked with this exercise. I know people have given me great feedback, but I had trouble coming up with three real champions. Mrs. Moore, my 2nd grade teacher who helped me publish my first story. She's the first person who told me I should be a writer. An RPG friend who really touched me when she said I was one of the best writers she's ever had the pleasure of working with. And...I was really stuck for a third. I mean, I know my mom supported me. I'm not sure she was overly familiar with or exceptionally proud of my writing though. She kind of encouraged me in the way moms were supposed to. My sister has occasionally said nice things about my writing. It seems more from just knowing about it than from actually being a fan of my work or skill, though, and that seems different.

Finally I settled on another teacher, whose name I absolutely cannot remember, who really used to like my papers. I remember her guffawing. One of my favorite memories. I rarely get to see people's reactions to my stuff like that, and I loved how into it she got. That really encouraged me.

I like the five other lives task. I've got two weeks worth now, so that's always fun to do.

So basically, this week is about being more on the ball with tasks & dates, and keeping up with this thing properly. My main area to work on is spirituality, specifically reiki and shamanism work for myself, with the eventual intent to branch out to others.

Glad to be back at it, and focused!
Tags: art, artists way, goals, healing, reiki, shamanism

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