Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Ivy, Reiki Master

I was pregnant with Ivy when I got my Medicine Reiki 3 attunement. I wasn't sure whether it would affect my baby or not, but I'd been waiting over a year for the class to be held, so I went ahead and took it. When my Reiki Master passed my attunement, he said he saw six Medicine Hoops. He saw this as three for me and three for the baby, and he felt that the baby had been attuned to the Master level as well.

Ivy does some very great reiki work. I can tell when she's just wanting to rub and be physical, and when she's actually channeling reiki. She gave me some awesome reiki for my stomach (and the baby...aw) this afternoon when I was feeling so sick. She was doing it over my bed sheet, and I was still blown away by how hot her hands got! She usually stays a bit chilly (kid won't wear socks and insists on sundresses even in winter), but this was some strikingly hot work this morning. It helped a lot. When I jumped up to go to the bathroom, I was suddenly lightheaded and actually fell. I should have sat and grounded first, but you know how it is when the bladder hits and someone's had their hands on your tummy...I hadn't realized how strong a dose I'd gotten in that little bit of time. She really amazes me sometimes.

Eden is attuned to level 1, and Josh is attuned to level 2. I can actually feel the difference between all three of them. It's really awesome.

I've been reading a new reiki book, as I'm trying to get back to my teaching. I just learned that Ivy shares a birthday with Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiki. That strikes me as very neat.

I've heard that some people are born with reiki if they've received an attunement in a past life. I wonder how many born Reiki Masters there are out there. I think there probably aren't a whole lot, at least right now. I look forward to Ivy getting old enough to participate in actual classes and learn the conscious methods. She has such a natural talent. It's very exciting to me to watch it blossom.
Tags: eden, family, ivy, josh, maya, reiki
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