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Luscious, luscious eye candy meme

I'm snagging this "hot guy meme" (which I renamed up there, ha) from trystan830. If it seems awesome, I may just do it with girls too.

In the spirit of beautiful eye candy, may I just say that if you are a fan, you should really be checking out Celebitchy every week for Hot Guy Friday. Take a peek today and thank me.

1. I have picked 10 male celebrities that I find attractive.
2. Every day, I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the celebrity you find the LEAST attractive (not so much who you don't like personally, but who you do not find hot).
3. After about 24 hours, the poll will be closed and the individual with the most votes will be disqualified. Then there will be a new poll with the remaining contestants.
4. After ten days, there will be one winner!

I know I go for geeks & hippies, so I will try to make it luscious enough.

There are two boy names here that I really like. :P

I started this forever ago and got sucked into the hotness. I'm still counting this as Thursday's post though, so I can revel in the hotness again 'tomorrow'. I'll probably close and redo in the evening, after 8-ish sometime.

1. Misha Collins – Oh, those eyes. And lips. And skin. And everything.

2. Prince Harry – You knew there would be hot ginger love. Lets keep him in a while, because in addition to this lovely topless, surprisingly tasty pic, we also have plenty of him with uniforms, puppies, babies, and "I know you want it, and it's naughtier than you think" smolders.

3. Matthew Gray Gubler – I don't even watch his show anymore, and he still makes the cut. He seems really awesome IRL too.

4. Nathan Fillion – He's just so warm and pretty. I know it's not the most recent pic, but he will always be happily naked in my mind.

5. Keller Williams – I know he's not exactly mainstream as far as celebrities go, but he is my unrequited love. Not conventionally hot, but really, is anything hotter than an incredibly talented, funny, super cool guy jamming the hell out of every instrument in existence? No, there is not.

6. Isaiah Mustafa – So here is a conventional bite of deliciousness, the man our men could be like.

7. Paul Bettany – How hot is this picture? Yes, I enjoy a good redhead. I can't help it. So beautiful. Did you know Jennifer Connelly got this man? Wily woman. *tips hat*

8. Leiv Shreiber – My dirty, secret, hairy little crush. A complete 180 from my pretty, wiry boy type. Rawr! And shirtless Sabreliev with adorable baby? Rawr squared.

9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – This boy has grown up well. Peruse his googlepics a while. Yum! He's got this awesome Heath Ledger thing going on lately. I'm not the only one to think so, as they keep doing side-by-side comparisons. Oh, and the ones with Claudia Schiffer are hot. The hootch. I might use one next week if he makes it, but skin shots won out today.

10. John Lennon - I really debated whether to include his awesomeness (RIP ♥), but to me, he is, and will likely always be, the epitome of hotness.

Poll #1673543 Luscious, luscious eye candy meme day 1
This poll is closed.

Who is LEAST scrumptious, for there can only be one:

Misha Collins
Prince Harry
Matthew Gray Gubler
Nathan Fillion
Keller Williams
Isaiah Mustafa
Paul Bettany
Liev Shreiber
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
John Lennon
Tags: memes, polls, squee
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