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Tasty Man Meme Day 2

1. I have picked 10 male celebrities that I find attractive.
2. Every day, I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the celebrity you find the LEAST attractive (not so much who you don't like personally, but who you do not find hot).
3. After about 24 hours, the poll will be closed and the individual with the most votes will be disqualified. Then there will be a new poll with the remaining contestants.
4. After ten days, there will be one winner!

It seems that Paul Bettany and John Lennon are destined to tie this round, which means I have to make an executive decision. I am actually surprised Paul got so many votes straight off the bat. That is not what I predicted. I think Paul is especially hot, but John Lennon is legend. His voice is, imo, one of the most amazingly sexy voices to ever grace a man. He spread messages of peace & love throughout the world, and absolutely everybody had his name on their lips one way or another. And he is gorgeous, and was snatched too soon. Forgive me, Paul, but John wins this round.

1. Misha Collins – Shown here as Supernatural's Castiel, the hottest angel in existence. The CW has my most extreme, rabid ire right now, as the new episode of Supernatural was finally supposed to air tonight and instead they're running Nikita. After hyping the new episode all over FB, too. * headsplodey *

2. Prince Harry – Cooling off (heating up?) with his tasty royal redness and adorable puppies! Nice.

3. Matthew Gray Gubler – I went with a similar pic, but I lean towards MGG with longer hair as opposed to shorter.

4. Nathan Fillion – He makes "The hammer is my penis" work. That's a unique level of hot right there. This pic is almost solely for the nice muscle action. * pets gently *

5. Keller Williams – I was not exaggerating when I mentioned him rocking every instrument in the galaxy ever. Even the mouth flugle. A man with a mouth flugle is hot.

6. Isaiah Mustafa – I'm glad Isaiah Mustafa made it another round, so we can bathe in his towel-clad glory.

7. Liev Shreiber – I know someone out there shares my Liev-love. Have some glorious Tux!Liev and tell me it ain't so.

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – I really like this picture. He's a naughty little hottie.

9. John Lennon – I'm really shocked at how many votes he got first round. Perhaps this is testament to my quirky tastes, but more ladies don't revel in his hotness? There's clean-cut young cutie hotness, Beatnik hotness, scruffy hippy hotness, scandal hotness, passionate protesty hotness, true-love-in-his-eyes-even-if-you-didn't-care-for-her-much hotness, naked hotness (no seriously, John dong), and oh-so-sexy voice hotness. Where are all the ladies who were screaming and crying and fainting for him? I know you're out there!

Poll #1673973 Tasty Man Meme day 2
This poll is closed.

Who is LEAST scrumptious, for there can only be one:

Misha Collins
Prince Harry
Matthew Gray Gubler
Nathan Fillion
Keller Williams
Isaiah Mustafa
Liev Shreiber
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
John Lennon

Just out of curiosity, did you check out Hot Guy Friday on Celebitchy?

Hell yes! Thanks for the recommendation.
No thanks.
I always do.
Oh yeah, that sounded like a good idea...
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