Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Of bellies and memes

I wasn't feeling very well earlier (short discussion on my 'Ladies Only' filter), and I talked to my midwife, who has put me on bedrest for a day or two. I'm supposed to drink lots of water and not do anything, and call her in the morning if I'm still cramping up. If so, we might schedule an ultrasound just to check on things. Otherwise, she'll come out for our first prenatal on Tuesday.

I've never been on any kind of bedrest, so that kind of scares me. Keeping my feet elevated and enjoying water with lemon. Josh put me to bed at like 7 o'clock (and I fell right asleep!). Had my heating pad on low on my belly. It seemed to help. A friend texted me to find out how I was (made my night), so I thought I'd do a quick update. Shouldn't post something like that and then disappear indefinitely. Apparently I am still a bit crampy, but I'm hoping it goes away by morning. It's really a bit nerve-wracking.

Also realized I passed out before tackling Day 3 of the current meme. Will get that in the morning. This is not a ploy for poor John Lennon. I'm just super tired and still feeling poorly. Back to bed for me.

I was going to *finally* go check out that Unity church in the morning, but with bedrest orders, I guess I can't. Bummed about that, but I think I'll be praying and holding good spirit time on my own anyway. Been reiki-ing the belly a lot, and I'm certainly open to any prayers & reiki/healing energy that folks might want to share! I put our family on a prayer request list when picking up our angel food today, so it's nice to know that people will be holding us in prayer tomorrow even if I can't get out.
Tags: maya, memes, pregnancy, unity

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