Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Belated Boy Buffet – Day 5

Sorry about getting behind. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so I was just incredibly lazy all day.

Our triple-tie was actually broken, with my poor love Keller getting the boot. I hadn't closed the poll though, so somebody re-tied it today with a vote for Liev. Oh well. I hate to discount someone's vote, but it's my laziness that re-tied it, so I'll take the hit and say goodbye to Keller.

1. Misha Collins – Fandom is crazy about this pic.

2. Matthew Gray Gubler – Nearly ousted early on, MGG is hanging in there. I'm impressed.

3. Nathan Fillion – Too cute.

4. Isaiah Mustafa – Dresses up all right, but I don't think he pulls the brood as well as he does the smirk.

5. Liev Shreiber – Now, here is a proper brood.

6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – I was looking for a long-haired pic, but they all were a bit too jail baity. This one's good though.

Poll #1676831 Belated Boy Buffet - Round 5
This poll is closed.

Who is LEAST scrumptious, for there can only be one:

Misha Collins
Matthew Gray Gubler
Nathan Fillion
Isaiah Mustafa
Liev Schreiber
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Tags: memes, polls, squee
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