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30 Weeks – Guessing Game

Well, I am officially 30 weeks! How exciting! I have never made it to 40 weeks before, so that means that there's a good chance I will have this baby "early" as well. Eden was born 15 days before her EDD, and Ivy was born 10 days before her EDD. I've been wondering when this baby will make its appearance. Guessing games seem popular, so feel free to make a guess! I should give something to the winner. Not sure what, but I'll come up with something between now & then.

Guillermo's EDD is August 26. This is based on conception date and not LMP, which is what the girls' dates were based on. If I were to go with LMP, depending on which calculator I use, it tells me either August 21 or August 24. (Incidentally, Ivy was due Aug. 25 and was born Aug. 15. She just really doesn't want this baby born on her birthday. I think that may exponentially increase the chance of it happening.)

I think if it's anything like the girls, it will be born sometime the week of August 11-August 18. If I'm still working up to the date, I'd guess earlier rather than later. Of course, this one's been so different from both of my other pregnancies that it wouldn't surprise me if I ended up going past 40 weeks, simply on principle of being different. Little booger. We shall see.

My guess will be Wednesday, August 17 (because I like Wednesdays), and I am guessing that it will be a boy (just because it has been so different). My second choice is Saturday, Aug. 20. Not sure why, but it seems like a good day and I half expect to have to deal with the hot, pregnant, muggy Missouri heat a bit longer than I'd care to.

What do you think? Birthday? Boy or girl?

30 wk pic
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