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Crazy About Monkey Bread

I do believe that this baby might be coming soon. I just hope it waits until at least Tuesday! Although tomorrow *night* could theoretically work...

I was so tired last night & this morning. My legs and back were really sore, so Josh cleaned out the tub and made me a nice bubble bath with rose bath salts (which he made for me). So sweet! I got out and Josh said it looked like the belly had dropped even MORE. Interesting.

Then I slept until noon today. Josh laid his hand on the big old belly to try to feel Guillermo wake up...and the very second his hand touched me, I got the most overwhelming urge to make sugar cookies. I told him, and he just laughed and laughed. Then I said, "No, you know what would be even better? Monkey bread! My god, I haven't had monkey bread in 10 or 20 years. I really need to make some monkey bread and sugar cookies today."

Josh: "You're having a baby!"

For those who don't know, I don't bake. Josh is the baker in the family. Even when I try baking, it never turns out well. The ONLY time in the history of my life that I have ever had the urge to bake - and actually done it well - was right before I had a baby. Every time. I don't clean when I get the nesting urge. I bake. With Eden, I freaked out and started declaring that I couldn't be a mom if I didn't know how to make cookies and bread. I made cookies, bread, and even fritattas for two or three days leading up to her birth. I tried biscuits, but they sucked. With Ivy, we were staying at my mom's (car troubles) and she didn't have a working oven. She only had a toaster oven. I made my sister Liz teach me how to make her pineapple pie. And more cookies. It's all that would fit in the toaster oven, even if I wanted to bake bread again.

Today, monkey bread. Out of nowhere.

I have been positively manic about this damn monkey bread today. I've spent most the day working on it. I have my stepmom's sugar cookie recipe that I plan to jump on as soon as I give my poor old back a rest. And I really wanted to try this crockpot bread pudding recipe, only Josh forgot to pick me up an apple at the store. So that has to wait until tomorrow.

So, I really think it might be soon. I'm both excited and nervous about the prospect. Tomorrow is supposed to be my Blessingway! At my midwife's house, which is 2-2.5 hrs away (one way)! The day after is Ivy's birthday, and she still really does not want to share her birthday. So I'm hoping that I have until at least Tuesday. I guess we'll see. Maybe I just got a wild monkey bread hair up my ass today...
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