Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

I had a baby!

I just wanted to make a little announcement for those folks not on my facebook (where I've been hanging and posting lots of pics!).

We did indeed have our baby in the early hours of Monday, August 29, during a surprise unassisted birth. The birth went absolutely beautifully, and I've been meaning to get my birth story written up all week. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with some blood pressure issues all week and have just been too headachey, weak, loopy in the head, unable to concentrate, dealing with ER trips, and other crazy things of that nature. I'm on meds now and it was lower today, so even though I'm still having pretty bad headaches and sleeping a lot, I'm really hopeful that we're getting it under control.

We had a third baby girl! She is absolutely gorgeous, and we're all so very in love. It took until today to settle on a full name, but we've named her Maya Sky Trancoso Mack.

I'll be posting the birth story as soon as I can! It happened too fast for any pics or the birth video that I wanted, but I definitely want to share the birth story while it's still relatively fresh. I'm hoping to get it written up tomorrow, if I'm feeling any better.
Tags: birth, family, health, homebirth, maya
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