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Who's participating in National Novel Writing Month this November? I will be giving it a shot for the fifth time, if I remember correctly. Shooting for my second win. I finally won last year!

I just did a NaNo post. If you're on my NaNo filter, you should be able to see it here. If you're not on the filter and want to be, let me know. Or if you're on there and no longer interested, let me know that too.

I'm Ahavah on the NaNo forums, if you want to be a writing buddy.

I've found NO writing groups or NaNo meet ups around here. I'm considering trying to drum up some interest and host them myself, although I'm not sure if I should try committing to that with a new baby and a job (hopefully) this year. I really do work better with buddies and regular write ins though. We'll see, I guess.
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