Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

The Artist's Way: Meet & Greet

I think that everyone who was doing this for sure has gotten the book now, so I plan on starting The Artist's Way again tomorrow. I think this is my third time. Starting on Friday the 13th seems like a real charm. I really hope to get all the way through it this time.

I haven't exactly been "blocked" as far as my writing goes, but I'm definitely in a rut. I've been working on several projects. It's all mostly sucking though, and as I listed the actual projects I have in some form, I realized that a lot of it is all the same sucky stuff. (That link is on my writing filter, so if you can't see it and want to be on the filter, let me know.)

While my medium of choice has always been writing, I also want to get more artsy and crafty with this round. The girls are very excited about our new membership in The Farmgirl Sisterhood, and they're so eager and passionate about learning all the different skills to earn their badges. Honestly, I've been sliding back into a pretty bad depression since Achaiah died. It's mostly been slow, but it's gotten a lot worse since all the stuff with my uncle's death and a bunch of family drama. There has been a lot of bad stuff going on lately, and I've barely touched on most of it since posting regularly again. Although now that I've finally gotten back into journaling here a little bit, I've found it very helpful with all the stuff that's been going on. I hope this means I'll enjoy morning pages a little bit more. I hope it will help me back out of this hole I've found myself in again. The house is a wreck and I can't get it back under control by myself, and I'm not really getting a lot of help from anyone. I do basically nothing but clean and juggle the baby all day, and she's mobile now and tears everything apart faster than I can get it up. Then I'll get all pissed about cleaning all the time with little help and go on strike for a day where I do nothing but watch tv or play around online all day. It's just been getting worse and worse all year, but it's been especially bad lately, and I just can't keep sliding down that path again. I lay around all sad and unmotivated all the time, and it's affecting my writing, the house, and my kids' happiness. So time to start turning things around.

I'm going to read the intro and Week 1 chapters tonight, and then I'll start morning pages tomorrow. I'm going to list all of the friends who are joining me. If you guys want, please feel free to post a bit about yourself and your chosen mediums/projects, and if you're open for friending. Everyone else, please feel free to jump in with us if you want!

Yours truly, ahavah

There are also my friends Megan and Molly from FB, and possibly moonstone_faeand my friend Shannon over at The Girl's Got Sole.
Tags: art, artists way, crafts, friends, grief, healing, writing
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