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Writing Prompts

I do have an Artist's Way post in the works. I've been meaning to write it since Monday. Might as well wait til the week's "check-in" tomorrow, but I'll try to post it tonight if I can.

My goals for this week mostly revolved around writing again. Goals were:

  • Do a flash challenge over the weekend
  • Revise a story during the week
  • Write an AW post
  • Write a Grateful Stead blog post

Guess how many have been done so far. Yeah.

So my new goal is to do my own flash challenges every day for Week 2 (the goal is for every day, but I would be exceptionally happy if I could just get two or three more stories out). A 'flash challenge' is very simple, and it's one of my favorite things to do when writer's block (or lack of motivation) gets me. Here's how:

You get a prompt – one that you don't know about in advance.
Set a timer for 90 minutes. Activate when you look at the prompt.
You have 90 minutes to write a flash story (around 1000 words, but more or less as needed).

Much like NaNoWriMo, the focus is on stopping your inner editor, stopping the excuses, and just writing. Quantity not quality. One whole story, start to finish, no lost in research or editing. Just 90 mins (or less if you rock hard) of writing, with a whole story to show for it at the end. Not an exceptional story, most likely, so editing comes later.

So, for one week, I will attempt to crank out a story per day. This means I can't just give myself an idea. I need to stretch outside my rut. So I need you to give me prompts! I will NOT be looking at comment replies to this until I am ready to write, and I will do one per day. So if you don't hear back from me right away, just know that if you help me out, you have my thanks! I will respond to all comments here after my Week of Stories is over, so that the prompts will remain fresh for me when I sit down to write each day (reading one comment in my inbox, not reading the post and cheating).

If you would like to help, please leave a prompt! It can be anything: a word, a picture, a place, a youtube video, a song, a year, a poem....Anything! I may or may not be literal in the inclusion of the prompt into the story. It might just inspire something, or it might start a research trail (a brief one - I usually allot 5-10 mins) that leads me to something else entirely... All it needs to do is start the engine and send me down a path I've not chosen for myself before.

Feel free to include writerly bonuses (or prompts themselves, I guess) like "Use first person", "Kill the protagonist", or "Prompt: Spaceship. Bonus: Make it a western."

Thanks a bunch! I will tell you about &/or link you to the story afterward if you like (tell me if you want me to, because otherwise they will likely only be shared with folks on my Beta Reader filters one day in the not-so-close future). They WILL suck until revised, but at least it'll be written. :)
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