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A New Mother is Born!

We had to pack up and move to mom's house for a week, to stay with my sister while my mom's on vacation. I don't relish the prospect. Some of you may remember what happened last time. It's always a barrel of fun at mom's house.

We got here a bit late, arriving at about 9 pm. We cleared out the spare room and I began setting up a little corner for the very pregnant Achaiah. I tucked her in a nice little corner between the foot of the bed and the wall, which for some reason had a big folded up piece of foam on the carpet. I put her blanket over the foam and she had a nice little bed.

I went in to check on her around ten or so, and she'd crawled up under the bed. I was slightly worried, because she'd been nesting and shaking all day. I really hoped she'd wait til mom got back in town, but no go. Josh and I got her from under the bed, and he tucked our luggage up under there so she's stay in her corner.

About 10:30-ish, her water broke. I sat with her and held her head and gave her Reiki (her choice - she wanted to nuzzle). She really enjoyed me sitting there giving her energy. I petted her and told her she was a good girl whenever she looked up at me - I swear for reassurance. It was great being my dog's doula! Things escalated pretty quickly after that:

10:40 - Puppy # 1: White 'T' on forehead, Male
11:03 - Puppy # 2: White stomach, back toes, Female
11:23 - Puppy # 3: White forehead and shoulders, back feet, Male
(11:42 - pushy; 12:09 - SROM; 12:14 - Puppy # 4: White shoulders & tip of tail, Male?
12:30-ish (was nursing baby to sleep...) - Puppy # 5: white & black spotted, Female

Around 1 am, we thought she was done. We moved the puppies to the bathroom, so Josh could go sleep in the spare room. Went to get Achaiah, who came running swiftly, nuzzled the babies, then promptly had one more. Poor thing!

1:02 - white and black, black ears, Sex unknown (I left her be after that!)

It's funny. I was sitting in the corner with her after her water broke the first time, and realized I needed to do some serious pre-damage control for mom's walls. Josh brought me a couple trash bags, so I could protect the luggage and one wall. I cut off the end of the foam thingy and folded it in half to tuck in along the side of the larger wall.

As I tucked it in, I realized it was too big. I had to take the scissors and quickly cut it as it flopped over Achaiah's head. I remember thinking, 'If someone was doing this to a client, I'd want to hit them in the head with a bedpan'. Luckily, I got it all set up fairly quickly, and Achaiah was a real champ about it.

I know I'd said I still wanted to breed her with an all-white pit, but I'm reconsidering. She's five and a half now, and that's getting up there in doggie years. I'd have to breed her again pretty quickly, and I'm just not sure I want them that badly anymore - especially with two kids in the house. So that may be a lost dream. We will see.

Pics will come in a while. Mom has the digi for her vacation.
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