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Mission 101

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I still have my Farm 101 list, which I'm actually still plucking away at even if I haven't updated in forever. I also have a better sense of what kind of TIME and funds those goals take, so I realize my farm list wasn't as realistic as it should have been. Regardless, I will keep plucking away at it until April, when it's up. In the meantime, I'm focusing my new list on personal improvement, for the most part. I'm not getting as much help from the hubs or the kids on the farm as I had hoped. So, this list is solely about me and the changes I need to make.

New dates: January 1, 2013 - September 29, 2015

In process


1. Lose 15 (acceptable) – 30 (ideal) pounds
2. Quit Pepsi addiction
3. Quit Little Debbie/chip addiction
4. Eat more fruit
5. Start taking daily walks again
6. Do an exercise video 3x/wk for a t least one month
7. (After weaning) Begin fasting 1 day/month (Spirit)
8. (After weaning) Work up to weekend 2/day fasts (Spirit)
9. Find out free clinic hours & get lumps checked out
10. Have eyebrows professionally done.
11. Invest in good makeup and do some fun makeup tutorials


12. Read Elizabeth's books & review on Amazon
13. Take another Coursera course or two
14. Keep a list of all books read in a year
15. Work through all of the books in my house
16. Write at least 5 book reviews to post to my LJ or bookish
17. Write at least 5 more fun reviews on Amazon
18. Start writing quality reviews for products I like/appreciate
19. Learn how to play guitar (or at least one full song – Ripple?)
20. Start doing brain teasers/word searches/sudoku


21. Subscribe to the Daily Word again
22. Work through all shamanism books again & post experiences
23. Visit & learn about 3 churches with the girls
24. Do daily self-healings for one month
25. Do daily Gaia healings for one month
26. Do daily devotionals/spiritual reading for 1 mo
27. Organize distance reiki class
28. Do some kind of ceremony/prayer/discussion at least once a week for 3 months with the girls
29. Hold a Reiki 2 class for Eden & Ivy
30. Offer Maya a Reiki 1 attunement once she's old enough to be interested/ask


31. Donate a box of food to 3 local food banks
32. Find a place to volunteer for for at least 3 months (or maybe 3 places for one month)
33. After going through a big chunk of books, make a Little Free Library or Bookmobile, etc.
34. Do at least 5 Random Acts of Kindness
35. Donate to 3 worthy causes
36. Catch up/Keep up with Thank You cards
37. Write letters to people I love at least 1 day a month for 6 months
38. Make scrapbooks for the girls
39. Offer to braid Josh's hair at least 3 times
40. Make appreciation goodies to surprise at least 3 people with
41. Do a homemade Christmas!
42. Finish Chloe & Maya's presents


43. Put together a planting schedule/calendar
44. Sprout seeds and plant them IN A TIMELY MANNER
45. Use cold frame
46. Build one or more cross-sectioned pens for the chickens
47. Get more Amaeraucana o& Welsummer chickens (only after pen is built & coop repaired)
48. Plant plots specifically for the animals
49. Build up emergency feed/water/med rations
50. Improve rain barrel set-up
51. Try to find plow attachments for the ATV or price better plowing equipment & make a specific plan for getting them
52. Order/barter for heirloom seeds
53. Plant fruit trees & bushes ASAP
54. Make better bird houses & feeders
55. Get a bird ID book & good binoculars
56. Build/buy/barter for rabbit hutches
57. Get meat rabbits
58. Help build/maintain a trail in our woods
59. Build a pen for the dogs
60. Do some sort of litter awareness project locally
61. Build a farmstand
62. Buy or make a sign for the homestead
63. Get The Grateful Stead blog going
64. Work on Farmgirl Sisterhood badges with the girls. Blog about projects.


65. Finish flash fiction/short story prompts from friends (Anyone please feel free to leave one!)
66. Complete & win JaNoWriMo
67. Continue NaNo winning streak
68. Order NaNo winner shirts
69. Finish a First Draft of The Dragon Alliance
70. Finish a First Draft of Neon Giraffe (working title)
71. Figure out a better title for Neon Giraffe
72. Do at least 1 more generation of the NaNo WonderSaga for NaNoWriMo
73. Do at least 2 extra ″wrimos″ outside of NaNo
74. Find 2-3 quality, reliable beta readers
75. Submit at least 1 dozen short stories
76. Submit at least 1 novel
77. Submit something to Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine
78. Research self-publishing & maybe try that for NG if no interested
79. Get a good, affordable writing laptop just for me - So much gratitude to lynndrena for the wonderful gift!
80. Get some kind of e-reader
81. Get a flash drive just for writing back-up AND a specific, safe place to keep it
82. Get printer ink
83. Fix library
84. Put together new worksheets for Reiki classes & a new doula contract
85. Do at least 4 more comics for the kids
86. Find Eden & Ivy's baby notebooks or start new ones for them. Make one for Maya as well.


87. Make a real budget
88. Keep/stick to a real budget
89. Get all bills caught up
90. Keep all bills caught up
91. Pay off old trailer!!
92. Build emergency fund
93. Start bringing in money
94. Find some sort of small business resource/mentor
95. Make a business plan
96. Start paying off student loan

Personal Enrichment

97. Begin exploring genealogy
98. Make a Vision Board
99. Look into being a gestational surrogate
100. Go hunting & bring home dinner of some sort. (Fish totally counts as bringing home dinner if the hunting doesn't pan out)
101. Learn how to can and make soap, cheese, & butter.
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