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What a Crazy Morning

I'll tell you, it was insane.

I hadn't gone to bed, since I'd been up with Achaiah most of the night. I knew I couldn't sleep for 2 hours and expect to get up at 4 and drive mom to the airport. So I just stayed up. I dropped mom off a little after 5, and Ivy and I went to the grocery store. I needed milk and sugar for coffee. Then I needed gas, and I waited around 5 or so minutes until 6, when the gas station opened, because I was afraid I wouldn't make it home without it.

So I got back to mom's to take Liz to school, and I started making myself a pot of coffee, when I realized that my pager had fallen out when I nursed Ivy before I left. I picked it up to check the time and there were six pages from my mom.

I turned everything off and me and Liz jumped in the car. I checked the voicemail, but it was jumbled and didn't come through. I tried calling her cell and it kept going straight to the voicemail. I left her a message and then called back and left a page with my number, and took Liz to school.

By the time we got to school, I hadn't heard anything so I sped back to the airport. I'm thinking that either she's dead and had a plane crash or she forgot her tickets and needed me to bring them. If she missed the flight to go see Grandma, mom would be so super pissed, but I really hoped she wasn't dead.

I get to the airport, and honestly I'm expecting an officer to come take me into some little back room. I looked around but didn't see mom, so called again and left her a message saying, "I'm at the airport. Hope everything's ok. I love you." Meanwhile, I'm remembering every story I ever heard of some young twenty-something year old kid having a heart-attack and just dropping out of nowhere. In my litany of prayers that were going through my head, I added a fervent prayer of gratitude that we had stopped eating fast food about three months ago, in our efforts to eat healthier. It was surreal.

So the line cleared at the ticket desk and I asked the lady how I could find out about my mother. I didn't know the airline, but she was on the flight to Charlotte. The lady said everything was ok and on time with that flight, and asked for a brief run-down of the situation. She didn't know anything, but another gentleman came out and she asked if anyone had missed the flight to Charlotte. Then she goes, "Oh wait, was that the lady that lost her wallet? What was her name?"

I'm thinking Oh no, but the guy said, "Yeah, but she found it in her purse." Whew! Mom had switched to a new purse last night. I bet she was mad. But - ack. I wish she'd called and let me know it was all ok.

Afterwards, I drove back to mom's house and I realized that I'd gotten so flustered that I forgot to mail off the house payment, which I meant to do Monday. I drove back past the school, which I dreaded because they insist on working on widening the road in the middle of school traffic - for three schools! The elementary, middle, and high schools are right there all together (across from the grocery store), and they're out poking along in forklifts, holding everything up at 7:30 in the morning.

I'll be honest: I hadn't had my coffee, and I was really struggling to get it together. I got through the big whole mess to arrive at the post office closest to mom's house, only to find out that they do not open at 8, but at 8:30. I couldn't even wait, I just turned around and went the far but faster way home and collapsed.

And now, ironically, my mom is paging. I'm hoping it's to let me know she's arrived, which is what we last discussed this morning. Oh, and I need to hurry to the P.O. before I pick up my sister. *Sigh*
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