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Flat Family Project

We're starting a Flat Stanley Project with the girls, where we send their flat alter egos traveling around the world to learn about geography, science, history, cultures, language, religion, and anything else we can squeeze in. Each of the girls has a different goal for their project. I'm looking for people who will “host” one of our flat girls and then send the project on to the next stop.


Flat Eden - visit all 50 United States (and Washington, D.C.)
Flat Ivy - visit all 7 continents (Antarctica might be an exciting challenge)
Flat Maya - visit all biomes of the world (as listed here: http://bioexpedition.com/types-of-biomes-in-the-world/)


1. You'll receive Flat Eden, Flat Ivy, or Flat Maya and their corresponding notebooks in the mail.

2. Post to our facebook page or send us a postcard to let us know where our flat friends are in the world. (We will be studying those places as our flat versions travel.)

3. Take a few pictures of you and your flat friend hanging out, exploring the local area.

4. Tape or glue at least one physical picture to your page in the flat notebook with a description of what you and your flat friend did.

5. Feel free to share as many extra pictures as you want on the facebook page! This cuts down on postage weight (especially for the one hitting all 50 states).

6. Send the package on to someone else on the list. Personal addresses will not be posted publicly anywhere, but we will have a list of addresses in the notebook you receive. Cross your own name off the list once you've gotten it.

7. If there are any blank spaces and you know someone who would be willing to host, please feel free to send it their way! However, please make sure the person agrees and is expecting it. We don't want to lose our projects!

Thanks so much! Here are the places we'd like to visit and need some volunteers for:

Flat Eden

1. Alabama - Melissa S.
2. Alaska - Chef Jon (via Inanda)
3. Arizona
4. Arkansas - Kristy F.
5. California - mrsgirlyduck
6. Colorado - Lindsay S.
7. Connecticut
8. Delaware
9. District of Columbia - Long famiy (via Jeannine W)
10. Florida - Gloria D.
11. Georgia - Ashe W.
12. Hawaii
13. Idaho - Sarah P
14. Illinois
15. Indiana - Ashley W
16. Iowa - lolacat
17. Kansas - Jonathan W
18. Kentucky - roina_arwen
19. Louisiana
20. Maine - Leah W. Send First! - Jaci L.
21. Maryland
22. Massachusetts - Leah W. (above) & Megan O.
23. Michigan - Carrie T. S.
24. Minnesota - llblckraincloud
25. Mississippi
26. Missouri – Charlie H.
27. Montana
28. Nebraska
29. Nevada
30. New Hampshire - Leah W. (above)
31. New Jersey - njlorelei
32. New Mexico
33. New York - paleologa
34. North Carolina - Carol D.
35. North Dakota
36. Ohio - Sheri B.
37. Oklahoma - Christine P
38. Oregon - Anne L.
39. Pennsylvania - Kathryn P.
40. Rhode Island
41. South Carolina
42. South Dakota - Kristi G.
43. Tennessee
44. Texas - aimingforpeace
45. Utah
46. Vermont
47. Virginia - Carol's sis
48. Washington - Cassidy U
49. West Virginia
50. Wisconsin - dragynflies
51. Wyoming - georgiamagnolia

Flat Ivy

1. Africa - Sarah M. (Sophie's friend)
2. Antarctica - 109th Airlift Wing!
3. Asia - simplydorei
4. Australia - minteluxe
5. Europe - theafaye
6. North America – Katrina
7. South America - Michelle W (Sophie's friend)

Flat Maya

1. Tundra Biome
2. Desert Biome - Paula F.
3. Taiga Biome
4. Tropical Rainforest Biome - Laura L.
5. Chaparral Biome
6. Coral Reef Biome - simplydorei
7. Freshwater Biome - Christine B.
8. Grassland Biome - Amy Jo
9. Ocean Biome - Aunt Tina
10. Savanna Biome
11. Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome – lanternlady
12. Wetland Biome - Darby I.

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