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Huge Friends Cut Coming

Given some huge breaches of confidence that I've had lately, I think it's past time to do some clean up on my journal. It's years overdue. I have become more paranoid about what I post here, which has actually stopped me from posting a lot anymore, and I really need this to be my safe space again. I will be doing a very major friends cut this week, and I'll also be redoing several of my filters.

I only plan to cut journals which have not been updated in 2+ years (no matter how close we used to be 6-7 years ago; if I haven't heard from you in years, I hope you'll understand), and people with whom I've grown apart or just haven't connected to very well.

I'm on the fence about people I'm still connected with on facebook or other sites but whom I never hear from here. I'm leaning towards removing here, not because I don't want to be friends at all, but because there's no real reason to keep a bunch of people on who have left LJ. And a LOT of people have left LJ. If you're still reading and I just didn't realize it, feel free to let me know if I removed you in error.

I'd like this to be a place where I feel comfortable baring my soul again, and I want to post a lot more here. I find myself not doing that anymore, and the only way I feel to fix that is to make sure I really know everyone who is on here and exactly who has access to it.

If anyone wants to take this opportunity to remove me, please feel free, and thank you for the time we spent together. If we chat at all these days, you really have nothing to worry about. I've just 150 friends and only real active friendships with way less than that. This is my family/soul sharing space, and I just need to be careful lately who I'm sharing my innermost personal things with.

Thanks for understanding!
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