Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Dewey's Read-a-Thon; Saturday, October 12

This year, I plan to participate in Dewey's Read-a-Thon for the very first time. I learned about this wonderful 24 hr read-a-thon from kiwiria. You read books, post about them, and visit other readers' blogs if you want.

My good friend Karen GoatKeeper is having her book release party that day, so I will take a short break to participate in that. I think it definitely counts as reading goodness though. Please visit her site and show her some love! This is a wonderful thing for her.

I tried to gather some good, short books that I could zip through next Saturday. Unfortunately, my local library system is tiny and only had one out of about a dozen books that I'd been looking for. So I also went through this far-too-messy house and tried to find some good books that I've been meaning to read forever but hadn't gotten around to. It's my hope that this will seriously help with my pathetic 2013 Books Read post. I may not finish them all, but I'll bounce between books as interest dictates.

My To-Read List So Far (please feel free to make suggestions, and I'll add them if I can find them)

Tags: books, friends, links, readathon, writing

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