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Yuletide 2013 – Dear Yuletide Writer

I am participating in the yuletide fanfic exchange this year. Letter is probably only pertinent to others in the exchange &/or fandom.

Dear Yuletide Author,

I am so very excited that you are writing a fic for me! Thank you so much! This is my first ever Yuletide exchange, and, honestly, I have a fairly go-with-the-flow approach. I'm in it for the experience. However, I know that many people like prompts and further info to go on, so I hope that you find this letter helpful. If it's not and you'd like clarification, have any questions, want to revel in mutual squees, or even just share constructive criticism, please feel free to leave an anon comment here, sock-mail me at Ahavah@LJ, or chunk a lump of coal my way as needed.


AO3: Ahavah


Humor, plotty goodness, missing scenes, character studies, well-rounded & badass villains, strong & amazing women, older characters who are still smart/badass/sexual/sensual/awesome/supreme overlords/etc., deep and abiding friendships that don't necessarily have sexual tension, smutfic is also great as part of larger plot (hot BDSM fics, especially in Kushiel fandom, are wonderful), OCs, happy endings, unhappy endings/kill-your-darlings, hijinks & shenanigans, magic, crackfic, crossovers, crackfic crossovers. I'll include a list of other fandoms I'm into at the end if this appeals to you.


Abuse/noncon, PWP, slice-of-life/vignettes (flash fics are great, but I tend to like complete story arcs), incest, scat/watersports/spit, medical/dental kink(though injuries & the treatment thereof as actual plot points/not fetishized are fine).


Kushiel's Legacy

This is my favorite fandom and pretty much anything in Kushielverse is awesome to me, though I'll admit that I'm not really very into the third trilogy. For my chosen characters, I've picked Imri, Mavros, Amarante, & Phèdre. Feel free to go with one or all, and any others from the books, or even awesome OCs.

If you wanted more concrete ideas, I love Imri/Mavros interactions. I ♥ Mavros. A deeper look into House Shahrizai would be fantastic, as would further exploration of their canon visits to all Night Court Houses. I would also really love to see something from Amarante's year of Service to Naamah before becoming an official priestess. Bonus if it includes spiritual aspects &/or Mavros fun. Phèdre with any of her patrons is always a fun read, especially if it's older-Phèdre. Phèdre exploring the spiritual aspects of some other Companions besides just Kushiel and Naamah would be interesting too. She's had so many experiences with other deities from so many cultures. Does this continue/strengthen after [Book 3 spoiler]she gets the name of God in her head? How does a first-hand experience with Cassiel resonate with her as opposed to vicariously through Joscelin? What would an experience with Eisheth/Anael/Camael/etc. be like for her? On a lighter note though, an AU where she and Hyacinthe fulfill their childhood dream would be a whole lot of fun as well. I love Hyacinthe quite a lot, too.

Go On

Add my laments to those who are saddened to see this show taken from us far too soon. We need a support group! More Go On for everyone!

I chose Mr. K and Anne for my characters, but I really love all of them. Especially the interactions they all have together. Any wacky group hijinks is fun! But Mr. K is my absolute favorite. And I love Mr. K and Anne together – as friends only please. Anne is great, but I really think Mr. K brings out the best and worst in her.

I'm afraid I don't have a lot of specific prompts to throw out there for this one. Part of the allure – for me, anyway – of Mr. K is how unexpected everything is with this guy. I'd be interested in learning about what brought him to the support group. Or I could totally see him [End of Series Spoiler]obsessing over/pining for Wyatt after Lauren breaks up with him. For some reason, a Mr. K/Anne/Owen/Fausta roadtrip sounds appealing to me right now. Maybe you have better ideas. Let's just all just get together and write at least two or three more seasons.

Being Human (US)

Again, I love the world and all of the characters, so feel free to incorporate whomever you'd like, but I chose Bishop as my one and only character request since I feel we didn't see enough of him. As I mentioned, I love intriguing villains. I'd love to learn more about Bishop. What was his life like before he was turned? Was it his choice or something he just decided to make the best of? Why did he decide to turn Aiden? What other jobs did he have in the past besides policeman-cleanup? AU – how would he have handled the virus given that he wanted to build a vamp army?

Switched at Birth

I'm choosing Emmett only since I messed up my nominations and didn't get to include all the awesome ladies I wanted to pick (Melody, Regina, Kathryn). If you wanted to write an Emmett fic that also includes Melody &/or Regina, that would be awesome. Not necessary though, but I love the friendship those two families had. I've been kind of sad to see it pushed aside.

Emmett/Bay or Emmett/Travis is good too. I love the friendship/brotherhood growing between Emmett & Travis. It would be great to see a story about them that doesn't revolve around girls or trying to get laid. A story about how Emmett became a drummer could be fun. Emmett/Bay – with or without Travis & MaryBeth - road tripping (road trips seem to provide great options; apparently I am a fan) to do a pictorial documentary of street art, Emmett & Melody with Regina & Daphne before the switch, Emmett/Toby drunken hookup after Nikki ruins yet another band practice...I'm pretty much open for anything EXCEPT fic with him choosing a cochlear implant or hearing AUs. I really love Emmett's Deaf pride and would like that identity kept intact.


My other fandoms, should you choose cracky/cross-over goodness

Absurd cross-overs are my somewhat-guilty pleasures. I don't know why I love them so much, but I do. When I find an author who can meld two wholly unrelated fandoms and make it work, even bizarrely (especially bizarrely!), I love it so much. I hope it's clear that I am NOT fishing for stories in disqualified fandoms. Anything in fandoms mentioned above would make my yuletide wonderful! But if on the off-chance you rather like the idea of writing something along the lines of Fausta mud-wrestling Crowley so Mr. K & Anne can infiltrate and take over hell, or where Wilke wasn't actually sent to boarding school but was a shapeshifter who killed the real Daphne and has been living as her all this time, well then, I am the gal for you.

These are a collection of my favorite fandoms and some out-there prompts that I don't think I'd be very likely to find, but I would probably enjoy the hell out of these. If you come up with something even better, go wild!

Bones – Can you see Bones & Mr. K having to work together? That would be awesome. Especially if he ends up being smarter than her. Or if the killer was a vampire/werewolf/witch a la Being Human. Or perhaps they meld their genius to try to cure a zombie outbreak...Or a giant, pissed-off angel appears and says, “We need you & your warrior-priest to save the realm. Quit trying to disprove me, and I'll throw in a free token to Jasmine House.” CRACK AS THOU WILT!

Walking Dead (both comics & tv) – Zombies are practically canon in SaB already, right? Or how about: Owen's brother wakes up from his coma to find the zombie apocalypse underway and must leave the hospital to reunite with his brother and his ragtag band of survivors. Aiden, Josh, & Sally manage to unite vampires & werewolves in order to run a successful safehouse for human survivors. Rahab sucks Phèdre and Joscelin into a watery vortex and deposits them in the outskirts of zombie-riddled Atlanta. Joscelin-Michonne swordfight.

Supernatural – Sam & Dean hunt Aiden, Josh, &/or Sally. Sam & Dean vanquish Janie's ghost. Or a reality show set-up where Mr. K & Anne, Imri & Mavros, and Emmett & Travis are each hunter pairs vying to win by clearing Boston of all supernatural creatures. Actually, you know, I rather like the idea of Fausta mud-wrestling Crowley so K&A can take over hell...

Firefly – Any or all of the above – on a spaceship. Shiny!

Castle – Castle & Beckett investigate Sonia's death. Prime suspects: everyone in her grief support group, individually or all together. Agent Beckett investigates crooked Boston cop Bishop, who is more than what he seems. Or she investigates Senator Kennish for allegations of blackmail.

American Horror Story – I don't even know. Have a hedonistic supernatural bonanza with this one.

The Mentalist – Grief-stricken radio personality Ryan King is Red John! Or Daphne is dating Red John! (I can actually see that being fairly plausible given her taste in men.) Aiden inadvertently turns Red John, and now a horrendous serial killer has become immortal – and needs to feed. Or let's move past RJ for a moment. Nora turns Rigsby into a werewolf! Lisbon gets captured as a feed-slave, causing Patrick to uncover the existence of the vampires. Patrick visits a little-known brothel known as Balm House to try to fully heal from his wife's death...and finds Grace moonlighting as a sacred sex-healer with a heart of gold. Or perhaps he finds Cho.


At any rate, feel free to run with or ignore any of the above ideas if they don't work for you. I've just tried to paint a picture of my fairly eclectic tastes. I hope you've found the letter helpful in that regard. But really, I'm just stoked to get a fic written just for me, so I appreciate you taking the time and effort to do so!
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