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*Pokes Livejournal*

Man, lj is like a sinking ship lately. NOOOOO! I still love it here. I love interaction, real discussion, and the absence of a like button or hashtags.

I've been trying to revive one of the communities I mod, energy_healers, for a couple of weeks now. It's still mostly dead in there. But as we all know, there's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead, so I remain optimistic. I know I have many healer friends here. Please consider joining us and adding life to the discussion! Or perhaps even adding a post to the community that is not my own...

I'm doing well with my daily commitment (no jinxes!) to my yearofpoetry community, so I'm proud of that, but we still hardly have any members. I've sent out a couple rounds of invites to users with "poetry" listed as an interest, but not a single one has accepted the invite. I so want this community to thrive. Any tips? If you like poetry and chose not to join, how come? I'm good with constructive criticism. How do I get this thing to take off?

It's not just LJ, though. My Kushiel RPG reboot has not been as successful as I'd hoped. We kind of had hiatus during NaNo, and I fear that killed it. Right when I finally got all of the admin paperwork/set up stuff completely and totally finished, too! I want to start advertizing it places. Any suggestions? I was going to contact J.Carey and let her know it was back up and running, see if she'd put a good word in, and then she JUST shared a link for another kushiel-based RPG on her facebook page the other day. Beaten to the punch! And all of these other groups are just teeming with members and activity. I find it a bit discouraging, but I'm not giving up.

So please check them out, join up, and jump right in if any of these speak to you. Or please feel free to give suggestions on how to make them more inviting/successful. I used to be a pretty decent mod. I wonder if I'm not providing what people are looking for or if I've just chosen dead/unappealing platforms to host them on.

Tags: books, communities, healing, help, lj, poetry, reiki, writing

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