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Whole30 Check-In: Day 4

I discussed my new Whole30 food challenge here. I'm only 4 days in, and I'm already seeing great results!

I've had a problem with losing 3 pounds one week and gaining them right back the next week. This has been going on for a while, even before I started the local weight loss challenge 6 weeks ago. I missed the weigh-in last week because the place was closed early for the weekend when I showed up Thursday. Well, I had pretty much expected to be about the same weight if pattern held. I would have lost 3 the week I missed and gained it right back this week. But no! I found out that I lost 7 pounds, which blasts through (with room to spare) my 'You'll never see below this weight again' barrier. I'm so excited! Even though it's only day 4, I think I have to give a lot of credit to Whole30. I've been trying to get back below that ever since I had Maya, and it's finally happened. I hope it continues!

So here is how things have gone so far this week. I started on Monday, May 12. I discussed all my prep work in that earlier post. You can see my planned menu here in the mealplanning community.

Day 1: Monday - Felt fabulous all day! Great energy, and the day flew by super quickly.

B: Chicken salad made with shredded chx & ½ avocado (this is my new favorite thing ever!); steam/sautéed veggies (since I didn't get my zucchini soup made); coffee with almond milk.

Sn: Skipped the snack, as they are not recommended on Whole30. I had them just in case. I was still full from breakfast, and while I did get hungry in the morning as I usually do, it wasn't until 30 mins before my lunch break, so it was manageable. I just learned to add a bit more veggies next time.

L: Steak salad w/kalamata olives; hibiscus tea

Sn: Another small helping of avocado chicken salad. Could have done without, but I didn't realize that my dinner recipe needed to simmer 2 hrs, putting my lunch at 10:50 and dinner at 7:30.

D: Chocolate chili

Day 2: Tuesday - NO ENERGY WHATSOEVER. Felt so lethargic all day. Possible sugar crash/detox.

B: Salsa egg scramble with carrot & zucchini (since I did not get my crockpot done the night before). Coffee w/almond milk.

Sn: I was very hungry just after 1st break, so I snuck a handful of cashews.

L: Tuna-Avocado Nori Wrap (yum!)

Sn: Grabbed an all-natural fruit leather for a pick-me-up in the afternoon, as I was so lethargic that I feared I'd never make it through work. It helped, but that's not a habit I plan to get into. Just to help with the detox slump.

D: Taj Mahal Chicken w/spaghetti squash (I liked it all right, but family hated it)

Day 3: Wednesday - battling bouts of nausea all day

B: 2 hardboiled eggs; almost-half avocado w/olive oil, sea salt, & crushed red pepper; filled plate with steam/sautéed veggies since I had been too tired the night before to make my slaw.

L: Tiny chicken breast; salad w/avocado (added a hardboiled egg since the chx cooked down so small)

D: Asian meatballs; organic mushroom marinara sauce; green beans. Loved the asian meatballs, but trying them w/marinara (Josh's idea) was not swell. I didn't like the organic sauce I'd bought, but I had a big helping of seconds without them.

Day 4: Thursday - had to take an emergency doctor visit with Ivy

B: Luckily I had emergency food prepped, so I grabbed 2 hardboiled eggs and threw them in the tupperware with the rest of my steam/sautéed sugar snap peas (so fantastic!) and some green & red bell pepper.

L: Had Applebee's while we were out, so this was a challenge, but I feel it was a successful one! Don't remember the name of the dish, but it was 2 4-oz sirloins with caramelized onions, red pepper, and mushrooms. Technically they were caramelized in whiskey, which is against the rules, but it cooks out and I felt comfortable with it considering that I'd also messed up and added my customary secret ingredient to my salsa the other day. I still feel that I'm on-track. Oh, and had a side of steamed broccoli with lemon since I can't do potatoes.

Sn: We cut up a watermelon today, so I had two helpings of salted watermelon! I forget how much I love that stuff til we finally have it again.

D: Carnitas, sweet potato. Weird combo, but I found pork on sale while out & decided that's how I should use up the rest of my salsa since I can't mow on it with chips. I'd eaten all of my other emergency veggies, except the bell pepper – which is in carnitas, so I ate the sweet potato that should have been part of my breakfast this morning if I'd stuck around the house to fix it.


My legs have been really sore today, but otherwise, my energy levels are back up and I feel really great. I got a whole lot of motivation and validation learning that I finally lost a significant amount of weight. I came home and cooked up the leftover meatball mixture and put together a frittata for breakfast tomorrow since I'd really wanted one but missed it. I'll be having leftover meatballs instead of the planned gyro dish since that made more than I'd expected and needs to get ate up. At least I'm learning about the menu and how much it takes to fill up my body. I'll be able to plan better with week 2, I think.
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