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New Mission 101

I've done several Mission 101s since I first heard about it, including several personal lists and a farm-specific list. With the exception of maybe the first one, I've fallen off the wagon and failed pretty miserably. Not this time! I am motivated & dedicated this time. I'm spreading it out less and trying to focus on five specific areas for improvement that I feel I should dedicate some serious quality time to.

For those unfamiliar with mission101, it is a list of 101 goals you plan to accomplish in 1001 days.

Start Date: Monday, June 9, 2014
End Date: Monday, March 6, 2017


1. Go exploring together again
2. Find cultural activities for homeschool fieldtrips
3. Keep better HS records/portfolios
4. Develop a new HS routine
5. Do more reiki/ceremonies together
6. Get girls involved in 4-H
7. Everyone submit something to the county fair
8. Start playing D&D regularly
9. Get everyone's teeth fixed
10. Wean family off of so much sugar
11. Get house cleaned & organized
12. Move bedrooms around
13. Start having Date Night


14. Consistently participate in LH flash challenges
15. Create new writing routine – and stick to it!
16. Finish revising NaNo WonderSaga
17. Submit WonderSaga to the interested agent & editor
18. Revise/finish The Dragon Alliance
19. Participate in every NaNoWriMo
20. Win NaNo
21. Participate in at least 2 Camp NaNos
22. Finish What We Become: A Supernatural/Walking Dead Crossover fanfic
23. Write, revise, & submit at least 1 story per month
24. Write, revise, & submit at least 1 poem per month
25. Choose a handful of good writer blogs to follow
26. Resume blogging at GratefulStead.com and livejournal
27. Fix up library and reclaim it as my study
28. Cull email lists – and then keep up with email!
30. Resume sending handwritten letters
31. Join one or both of the semi-local writers' guilds
32. Join a good online writing group or create a local one
33. Resume consistent weekly posting at dailyrumi
34. Resume consistent daily posting at yearofpoetry
35. Reward self with subscriptions to magazines
36. Read more contemporary genre writers
37. Continue attending workshops & conferences
38. Qualify for Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America membership
39. Secure an agent!
40. Submit to contests (at least one each quarter)
41. Look for local small business resources/help (also for 'Farm' goals)


42. Research grants
43. Repair & fence chicken coop
44. Rebuild compost
45. Buy good heavy-duty mower
46. Improve/expand garden each year
47. Finish inner circle of Mom's memorial/meditation garden
48. Get some kind of dedication stone
49. Make a faerie garden each year
50. Contact Conservation Department for landowner resources
51. Clear out dead/unwanted trees
52. Fence yard – or at least enough of it for the dogs to run free
53. Build or buy proper dog houses
54. Get more chickens
55. Get more goats or get cows
56. Get deep freezer
57. Learn canning
58. Freeze/dry/can enough veggies for winter
59. Get enough surplus to start selling
60. Get old trailer blocked up & start cleaning out
61. Rent dumpster & cull
62. Fix fireplace
63. Fix leaks
64. Work on recognizing edible wilds


65. Consistent mealplanning
66. Stick (mostly) with healthy eating habits gained from The Whole30 challenge (ends Tuesday 6/10/14)
67. Develop & maintain consistent schedule
68. Start doing yoga at least 3xs/week
69. Start going to gym again
70. Resume taking regular walks
71. Start strength training
72. Resume logging at SparkPeople.com
73. Get control of BP & get off meds
74. See dermatologist about spot
75. See chiro again
76. See about learning Tai Chi
77. Enter a race
78. Start practicing survival skills
79. Resume prepping
80. Try oil pulling
81. Get a juicer

(See 'Spirit' for more related goals)


82. Continue daily reiki self-healings
83. Create consistent meditation routine
84. Resume Medicine Reiki ceremonies
85. Get a good drum
86. Teach a Reiki I class again
87. Start a reiki share &/or drum circle
88. Resume regular shamanic journeying
89. Visit church more
90. Start a new reiki school
91. Find a good name for new reiki school (My previous school was the Blue Ridge Reiki Center, but I'm now living in MO.)
92. Make vision boards
93. Resume regular personal practice
94. Resume major abundance work
95. Read more spiritual books; build reiki & shamanism library more
96. Reconnet & really LISTEN to Spirit
97. Build & maintain a Little Free Library
98. Resume fasting
99. Subscribe to Daily Word again
100. Consistently love & care for Momma's memorial/meditation garden
101. Learn how to build a labyrinth around it
Tags: 101, books, family, farm, goals, healing, health, mom, reiki, spirit, writing

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