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Back to meal planning

X-posted from mealplanning (So if any of you are interested in joining me for a round of Whole30 Jan 1, let me know!)

I have stayed on a relatively healthy diet these past 6 months. I am preparing for another round of the Whole30 elimination diet, which I saw great success with last summer. I lost 28 pounds in 30 days and was able to get off of my blood pressure and thyroid medications! This time I plan to actually do real exercise with it too, so I'll be working in pre- and post-workout 1/2-meals as well.

I won't be starting that until January 1st, when I'll have some New Year's buddies to do it with. So throughout December, I'm going to be cooking healthy, Whole-30 compliant freezer meals to pack away ahead of time. I got sick on my last attempt and fell off the wagon because I was bedridden, so I'll have no excuse if I prepare ahead of time.

Mon. 12/8

B: leftovers
L: Soup
D: Crockpot rabbit stew

Tues. 12/9 – gym, pm

B: veggie egg scramble
L: leftovers
D: (Dad's choice)

pre-WO: hardboiled egg, nuts
post-WO: salmon & sweet potato fries (baked)

Wed. 12/10

B: Southern Avocado Breakfast
L: Tuna salad sandwich
D: Bacon cheeseburgers, homemade fries

Prepare chicken in marinade

Th. 12/11

B: Quinoa & sauteed veggies topped w/poached eggs
L: salmon patties
D: Chili Cilantro Lime Crockpot Chicken

(make sure italian sausage is made)
Make frittata

Fri. 12/12

B: Veggie frittata
L: Loaded baked potato
D: PaleOMG Pizza Spaghetti Pie (I've heard so much raving about this recipe)

Sat. 12/13 - bday party, 2-4 pm

B: Veggie frittata
L: Leftovers or scrounge meal
D: eat out

Whole30 Prep:

Homemade paleo chorizo & Italian sausage (minus red wine)

Homemade beef sausage

Paleo Beef “Sausage” and broccoli egg muffins

Paleo Sweet Potato Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Paleo Crockpot Meatballs