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50 Book Update: Princes of Air by Elizabeth Schechter

I chose this for my Number 9 spot, a book by a female author. Princes of Air was written by my good friend ladysmith! Although that did not affect my honest review.

Princes of Air by Elizabeth Schechter

Full Disclosure: I know the author and was given a copy of Princes of Air in exchange for a candid review.

I love sex, but erotica has always been hit-or-miss for me. I like stories to feature plot as the main course with quality sex scenes used judiciously as seasoning, and Princes of Air provides just that. Set in ancient Eire, the novel – which works well as three shorter but interconnected stories – tells the tale of the nine Raven Princes who are demi-god sons of the Great Queen Morrigan.

TW/possible mild spoiler: An early scene appears to make use of attempted-rape-as-a-plot-device. This is something that would normally cause me to set the book down, but Elizabeth Schechter is an author I trust, and it occurred to me that it may not be what it seemed. I'm glad I stuck with it, and that was the only portion of the whole book that initially fell short with me. I wish that scene had come later, when I was a bit more invested in the story and less likely to balk, but that's my only complaint – except that I'm left wanting more!

The rest of the story was fantastic. We follow the over-arching storyline through the eyes of brothers Niall, Diarmuid, and Petran. While each was well-told, I found myself liking each new portion better than the last. Petran even moved me to tears. While it does make use of the One True Love trope (since ravens mate for life), I was encouraged to see that it was not approached with the usual case of hetero-normativity.

I'm not overly familiar with the lore or culture of ancient Eire, but that didn't matter. They were woven beautifully into the story, making good sense and supporting the plot without resorting to info-dump or research-flaunting. Each shorter story had its own satisfying completion, as did the over-arching plotline. I was sad to reach the end, wishing for even more of the story told from the other brothers' points of view, especially with regards to certain losses experienced. I could have lingered much, much longer with this one!
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