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9/50: Patience (a BDSM novelette): Part 1 of The Training Series

Patience (a BDSM novelette): Part 1 of The Training Series is my choice for 'book by an author you've never read before' in the 50 Book Challenge.

Patience_The Training 1

Disclaimer: I do not personally know the author, but I received a free review copy through a facebook offer in exchange for an honest review.

I am both a fan of erotica and a longtime kinkster myself, so I'm always glad to jump on free copies of new bdsm books. This was a review copy, so I'm not sure if the layout is quite the same in the published version, but I did have some difficulty reading the ebook text. I was unable to set the size larger and instead had to manually zoom in on each page. Some of the phrases seemed to be bolded at whim. It's annoying enough to mention, though I hope it's not the same when reading a kindle version vs. a pdf file.

For what it is, I enjoyed Patience all right. I usually like my erotica, even the bdsm stuff, to have a healthy dose of plot alongside it, which this one really doesn't. It makes no apologies about being straight-up sex and domination. The plot is that Dayna's boyfriend/weekend 'Master' is out of town for several weeks, so he arranges for her to have training sessions with a temp Master in his absence. I've been hard up enough in the kink department lately that I didn't particularly mind a jump-right-to-the-gritty sex story. It's a very short novelette at only 22 pages, and if anything, I wanted much more. Abrupt into the sex, abrupt ending it. The actual story and characterization could have been fleshed out a lot more, and would really have to be to make it worth the current 2.99 price of the ebook, to be perfectly honest. Otherwise, it's fairly basic but fairly well-written bdsm porn.

This is book one, so perhaps it gets grittier as time goes on. Dayna is apparently a newbie to the bdsm world, but a fair amount of fetishes were covered for a beginning book. Domination, blindfolds, sex with strangers, humiliation (including misogynistic terms, which aren't really my thing and turned me off quite a bit, but I get that lots of people dig that), orgasm denial, restraints, anal training/sex, oral. I was very happy to see that safer sex practices were included, although I personally would have liked to see more of that discussed & negotiated before the bare oral scenes. Safewords were introduced and even used properly, which was very refreshing to see.

The writing is strong, but it didn't really blow me away. There were none of the typos or grammar issues that you often find in self-published bdsm erotica, which I was very glad to see. The author is obviously familiar with the lifestyle, unlike some other 'kinky' writers. Some parts were very hot indeed, and some I surely would have found hotter if those were my things (humiliation, anal). It still turned me on despite skirting my limits, so kudos to the author there. But the aspect of an unknown man 'borrowing' her for the time being seemed like the kinkiest part, to me. Otherwise, it was kind of bdsm-lite, though I would be interested in following Dayna's training as she gets into deeper levels of pain and submission. I wish we had seen more of that in the book. I know it's supposed to whet the appetite, but I'm left rather unfulfilled myself. Intrigued and turned on, just wishing it was a bit more one way or the other.
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