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My Bookish Childhood: Top 5

For hour 2 mini-challenge, we're supposed to list our top 5 people/book moments from childhood. I know my mother must have read to me and taught me to read, because she was quite the book fan, but I don't actually ever remember her reading to me. Since I was 4 or 5, I've been reading on my own. As I got older, some of my memories aren't so good (abusive stepdad liked to ruin passions), so I'll do my best to find some good ones so as not to bum you out.

1. Mrs. Moore from Shamock Gardens Elementary School, Charlotte, NC! Definitely my top childhood bookish memory. Mrs. Moore was my 2nd grade teacher, and she was amazing. She lit up my childhood. Besides the amazing Willow/Faerie Tale Theater Fridays with those little ice cream cups, she was the person who told me my writing was wonderful and that I should be a writer. She even stole (I found out later, but I cried when it went missing) a short story I had written and given it to an editor friend to publish in her magazine. Because of her, I was published at 7 and have spent many of my happiest moments writing and reveling in books!

2. Babysitter's Club/Sweet Valley High &/or College/RL Stine (not Goosebumps; never got into those)/Choose You Own Adventure – These were my favorite kid reads! I was really anal and had to read a series in order, so I put off Babysitter's Club for like 3 years because I couldn't find book 1. Ha!

3. The Hobbit – This was my segue into adult reading when I was 10. I read pretty much mostly adult after that, with the exception of the above-mentioned books, but I could knock out multiples of those in a day.

4. Clan of the Cavebear/Earth's Children – My very first fandom! I was all about this series as a kid (Valley of Horses is actually my favorite). This book probably really influenced the fact that I'm into survivalism and ASL, actually. And back in the wee early days of internet fanfiction, these were the first stories/RPGs I did.

5. I'd like to give a shout-out to Scholastic Book Fairs for being the highlight of my school experience.
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