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First Look and Find: Disney Winnie the Pooh, by John Kurtz, is my choice for the 'Read a children's book aloud to someone else' prompt in my 2016 (Blended) Reading Challenge.

Winnie the Pooh L&F

First, this is NOT the 'Happy Halloween' version listed on Goodreads. The actual version (seen in my blog post) is not listed on GR, and the Halloween version comes up when I type in the proper ISBNs found on this book. So, with that out of the way...

I read many books to my toddler, but I'm reviewing this because she loves it. She may be biased since 'House at Pooh Corner'/'Return to Pooh Corner' is a favorite, special lullaby in our family.

However, I like that there are two versions of the book. You read through a normal 'look and find' board book – which, let's face it, is never overly exciting to parents – and then there is a back 'appendix'-like section that allows you to go back through and find other items. So even if you're reading it over and over, it breaks the monotony at least a tiny bit.