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A Question for People Who Know About Icons

I feel like this is a very silly question. I'm searching some icon tutorial community FAQs, but it's slow going, so I was hoping perhaps one of my knowledgeable friends knows.

When you're finding images to use as icons, what are the legalities of using pics found on the web? I see icons with just about everything, so are icons pretty much public domain? What if I want to use a particular artist's work?

For instance, I'm wanting to make some Easter icons, and I found some lovely pictures of Jesus. Can I just save the pics and use them, or do I really need to try to contact the artist and get permission? Which would suck if they didn't answer right away, especially given it's Easter weekend. And what about pictires of Jesus taken from church's websites or old paintings? Or logos from my church (ie: the Unity dove)?

Thanks in advance for helping!
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