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Whole30 (No, really!)

I'll be doing Whole30 (hopefully really-truly) again starting September 5. The whole Whole30 'family' will be doing it together, so much like NaNoWriMo, this is the perfect time to get tons of support, great feedback, and motivation. I've tried it twice again this year and failed both times, but I really hope to finish strong this time. I've always had such great health benefits when I do the program, and I know it's an easy & sure way for me to drop a bunch of weight, which I sorely need right now.

Does anyone want to be Whole30 buddies? It's a strict program, but I really can't sing its praises enough. I'm always iffy on the re-introduction phase, as I tend to have a big problem with binging when I'm not on such a strict plan, but I'm going to really try to get it right this time.

Yes, it's a strict plan – but worth it. On Whole30, for 30 days, you have to avoid:

  • Sugar of any kind, real or artificial

  • Alcohol

  • Grains

  • Dairy

  • Legumes (green beans, sugar snap peas, and snow peas are allowed)

  • MSG/carageenan/sulfites

  • Paleo versions of 'baked' goods/junk food, even if made with compliant ingredients

  • Scales

Now, some people go super-strict and turn into the Whole30 police, but Melissa (who started the program), has clarified some of that here:

The official “Can I Have” guide


Whole30 Rules vs. Recommendations

Silk unsweetened almond milk IS compliant! So is Kroger brand – Simply Truth/Simply Nature, or something like that? You don't actually have to make those kinds of things from scratch anymore.

Anyway, if you are interested, here is the Meal Template. I've already started pre-making some food, because there's definitely a lot more cooking involved than what I'm used to. I also want to make sure I have proper pre- and post-workout meals made up ahead of time, so I'm not just grabbing a boiled egg and really sucking at that part. I have been trying to workout more, so doing it right is imperative to me.

It does get pricey with some of the specialty items, especially for me since I have to drive 2 hrs to a good health food store. I have some of my pricier items set away already – compliant deli roast beef (which I can only find at Kroger – have to pick up some compliant dinner sausages too), compliant canned tuna, lots of frozen fish & shrimp, giant bag of compliant almonds (Blue Diamond, if you're interested. Finding nuts that AREN'T roasted in peanut or soy oil is surprisingly difficult), coconut oil (I do need more), cans/jars of olives. I just need to pick up ghee and a large jar of green olives and avocados. I can't do coconut or coconut milk, so having a good supply of healthy fats that I enjoy is really important. I'd really love to either take a road trip across the IL border to the nearest Pederson's store I could find or maybe order some stuff online, so I can get a larger supply of compliant meats that I usually have to do without, like BACON, kielbasas, etc.

I'm working on meal plans so I can freeze a lot of stuff, since I tend to 'fall off the wagon' when I'm hungry, in a hurry, & have no time for (or just don't feel like) cooking. I've got a big tupperware of veggie soup put away, which I think I'll keep for quick breakfasts. All I have to do is add a couple boiled eggs or a chunk of leftover meat. I bought a 2 ½ dozen pack of eggs, which I will make frittatas & boiled eggs with (and likely omelets, when I can force myself to cook in the mornings). And now that potatoes are compliant, I think I'll do up some shepherd's pie to freeze in individual servings. I'll look up some good Whole30 recipes once I do the stuff I already know how. I'll also buy a whole chicken, which I usually do in the crockpot to have easy pre-cooked meat, and then I'll make a bone broth from the carcass. And I need to find some rabbit again, as I always seem to crave it during Whole30. I get tired of the same ol', so I like switching it up. I also plan to attempt making salmon patties with maybe almond flour or flax seed or something. Wish me luck on that one.

I'm really looking forward to this! I've been feeling pretty bad about myself for a while, both health-wise and just with how I look these days. I'm eager to fix it, and I'm very eager to feel better.

I have none of the books – and this round starts on Sept. 5 to coincide with the release of Melissa's next book – but all of the necessary info is offered for free online! That's one reason why I love this program so much. I do hope to augment this by buying a few books when I get paid next month, mainly because I want to financially support the program that has given me so much, but also because it'd be great for me to have hard copies since I've been working so hard at staying mostly offline. But I will definitely be checking in for accountability and to help encourage anyone who joins me!
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