Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

A Few Helps Humbly Requested

My foray into LinkedIn has been discouraging. I'd really hoped that some of the services I've offered folks might get me some recs or endorsements, but that hasn't been going as well as I'd hoped.

If anyone feels I've done well with writing/editing, reiki, spiritual readings, doula-ing, child/in-home care, or organizing groups/activities, I'd really appreciate sharing that on the site. And if not – please tell me how I can improve! I've tried hard to do so over the years, especially with birth/education, since I felt like maybe I was too hesitant during my first couple of births. I'd particularly like feedback on reiki/shamanic practices and writing, since those are skills I can do from home. Also, I'm kind of hoping that slowly networking and making connections might help me find an agent when the time comes.

Speaking of writing, that brings me to my next point: TIME TRAVEL. I'm trying to decide whether I want to add the possibility of time travel into my science fantasy WIP (work in progress). For those who don't recall, the short version of the plot is MAGIC ON A SPACESHIP. A strange “anomaly” occurs, giving different powers to various people. Some people's powers are stronger than others...and some folks down the line who come from, say, two particularly powerful parents (or a whole lineage of them) might have even stronger powers than what first pops up.

It occurred to me that if I ever want to explore time-travelly stories in this world, I'll have to introduce the concept early on. I've been working through the Outlander series, so it's been on my mind. Even if I have someone from, say, my short story's era – I have one short story set about 4,000 yrs in the future – who can time travel, then s/he would still have to show up now (the idea being that they can't go past the anomaly point itself, or perhaps one other major plot point, being stuck only to the “magical” era). Time travel is not that far-out of an idea, since I have folks who can teleport/travel through space. If space-time is related, especially in a book set in space, perhaps the time option should be there.

So, two questions in that regard: Should I go for it? I have a lot of magical powers already, but if I don't include it now, I can't include it in the milieu at all. I do know some of my futuristic setting, so having someone from that time frame would not be difficult to add in. I also have [Spoiler alert for people who want to read it]two 'immortal' characters who will be on the ship until a planet is found. 'Immortal' being in quotes because there may be a way to kill them in the future, but for all intents and purposes of this plot point, they can't die. So they would know said character(s) in his/her/their own time, and see them off-and-on throughout the years. This would also pretty much let them know that there's no “fixing” the issue.

So my second question is: Can you recommend any good time travel stories? I'm well into the Outlander series, though taking a much-needed break from it. I'm pretty sure I've already read The Time Traveler's Wife. Do you know of any others that are handled with great skill and which I should definitely read if I'm considering the trope? Shows/movies would be happily received as well, but I'm mostly wanting books to research.

Thanks for any help you might give!
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