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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear yuletide author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! Luckily, I am remarkably easy to please. Unluckily, I'm still fairly new to this (this is my second yuletide), so I'm still not quite sure I'm doing this right. Hopefully I am! Please feel free to disregard anything but squicks/no thank yous if I'm not. I'm into darkfic, so there aren't too many DNWs.

I'll disclose that I have trouble giving prompts because usually if I have a specific prompt in mind, it tends to be something I want to write. I will try to do so because I know they're often appreciated, but please don't feel locked in to them. Also, you do not have to use every character I've chosen. Feel free to focus on one, add in others not mentioned (by me or in tags at all), even throw in new/OC folks, whatever.


[Spoiler cut for potential trigger content]

  • Rape/noncon (I'm a-okay with dubcon &/or harsh, consensual BDSM scenes)

  • Mpreg

  • Genderswap

  • Abuse (again, I'm a big fan of consensual BDSM, though not degradation/humiliation/medical play)

  • Cannibalism

  • Biological incest ('chosen family'-type relationships exploring/turning into something more are fine)

  • Weddings

  • Coffee shop/high school AUs

  • 2nd person POV (unless it's Choose Your Own Adventure, and omg, I should totally see if that qualifies next year)

  • Cliffhangers

General likes &/or loves

  • I pretty much like most* darker tropes not listed above. Violence, addiction, apocalypse/dystopia (LOVE those), mindfucks, etc. are all fine.
    *I say 'most' only in case I find a surprising squick I'm yet unaware of, which is educational for me and nothing for you to worry about if it's not on my DNW list.

  • BDSM/kink

  • Happy as well as horrible/tragic/OMGWTF endings

  • Gen, het, slash, ethical polyamory

  • Magic/supernatural

  • Porn! I do prefer mine as an addition to plot, but there's always room for porn

  • Crossovers/fusions (it helps if it's a fandom I'm familiar with – my AO3 lists some of them)

  • Crackfic

Thanks for reading, and for considering writing a story for me!

-Fandom info listed under cut-

Kushiel's Legacy

Kushiel's legacy I
Imriel Trilogy

Oh, how I love these books! As you can see, I favor Phèdre and Imriel's trilogies over Moirin's. I would love anything set in these time frames – including all of the (esp. magical) canon stuff we saw in Moirin's books, if you like. I just prefer the characters/worldbuilding/intrigue of the first two trilogies. Any characters in those books would rock my Christmas stocking, but I do really enjoy reading stories about side characters that I wish we'd seen more of. That's why I chose Hyacinthe, Ysandre, Alais, and Barquiel as my characters, but you DON'T have to include all four – or even any of those four at all if you'd prefer. I like all of the characters from the first six, nominated or not.

Some prompt ideas if you'd like:

  • Barquiel gets such a bad rap! He's one of my favorite characters, and I think he's awesome in every way. I'd love to see other sides to him – maybe what he's like with his mutually-ignored wife and family, his relationship with his sister &/or their machinations to get her on the throne, what he's like during sexytimes with either other characters or at the Night Court, an AU where he and Delaunay worked together rather than as enemies (oh, what they could have accomplished).

  • Hyacinthe: ~Sigh & Swoon~ If only we had much, much more of him pre-spirit-squashing. I'd love a story about his dalliances/adventures in Night's Doorstep, show me what he was up to when Phèdre & Joscelin were gone, or, hey, a happy poly triad AU where he never had to leave and H/P/J lived happily ever after together. Maybe a hot Hyacinthe/Phèdre BDSM assignation during one of her three freebies. I've always thought he & Phèdre should have kept in touch after their separation, so an epistolary story showing their letters, either during or post-Three Sisters, to each other would be awesome. I like epistolaries. Hyacinthe confronting Barquiel or Joscelin about the way they treat Phèdre, hot Hyacinthe Night Court action, less hot NC action with a visit to Gentian or Balm, maybe etc.

  • Pretty much anyone, up to and including you or me, having Night Court action. Especially in some of the Houses we never saw or saw very little of.

  • Ysandre is more awesome than I would have thought. I always wondered if she had a young lady 'tutor' a la Amarante either before or after she married Drustan, during their separations. I know she was supposedly 'virgin' and 'too discreet to cheat', but I don't think Drustan would mind. Or include him, too. Maybe said tutor was Phèdre on the downlow! In gen-ier thoughts: a peek into Ysandre's relationship with her daughters &/or uncle, she and Hyacinthe (or she and Joscelin) bonding when Phèdre's not around, awesome crackfic where Ysandre finds a dragon (either like/crossover with GoT or maybe even Tad Cooper...) and squashes the Carthaginians/her asshole Serenissiman relatives/Drujan/Master of Straights/some random bard who pisses her off/ALL OF THEM.

  • Alais is awesome and under-appreciated. I would SO love to see her adventures saving Terre d'Ange. Why didn't JC include more of that? That was fantastic, and I could drink up Alais's and Barquiel's adventures being amazing hero-treasonists! Or maybe she grows close to Hyacinthe while studying in Alba. Maybe he even teaches her MoS knowledge because she's so darned gifted, and Phèdre never even knew. More Alais and Imri. More Alais and Conor. More Alais and Talorcan. More Alais and Sidonie. AU where she saves Imri? AU where she becomes a courtesan of the Night Court (hello, Gentian! Or maybe you have a more surprising idea?)

  • That non-incesty 'chosen family' mention above was made with Phèdre and Imri in mind. What happened if there was more than just one fleeting moment? What if she taught him his Shahrizai side instead of Mavros? Or with Mavros. Or anything else with any of the characters at all.

Being Human (US)

Being Human

I wish this had gotten a couple more seasons! I loved it so very much (well, except for the Lil Smokie storyline...). I know every time I say that there's a chorus of “BBC was better!” I only watched the first season of that, but US has a goodly amount of hotties, including the incomparable Mark Pellegrino, so ours is more than fine. There can be two, both awesome in their own ways (Spiderman doesn't get that much grief).

With this show, you don't have to use all of my chosen characters, but I would like the story to have at least one of them. Feel free to add in other main or side characters as you like. Awesome secondary characters who get little screentime are my weaknesses, and I'm always happy with more.

Some prompt ideas if you'd like:

  • Anything Aidan & Bishop. I love them together, but solo stories of their times apart work as well. I'm especially interested in more of Bishop's origin story. Or if he &/or Aidan turned anyone else (especially other 'daughters' besides Susanna). Maybe how they infiltrated the police and how long they've kept that up. More of the Dutch and Mother would be nice too. I don't mind Aidan/Sally either, or Aidan/anyone*, really.
    *Maybe anyone but Susanna. I know she offered some canon sadomasochism, but she rubs me the wrong way.

  • More of Josh's growing acceptance of his inner wolf. I enjoyed the shamanic aspect, so those types of 'journeys' with or without werewolf-guru-guy would be nice. I like werewolves and shapeshifters in general – anything supernatural, tbh – but I'd prefer skipping A/B/O. Werewolf sexytimes (het or slash) is fine and encouraged. Or more of him and Nora as parents. Josh and Aidan interplay is always fun too. I'm fond of both socially awkward and super!wolf Josh.

  • Mmm, super!wolf Josh... Ooh, Josh & Aidan sandwich...

  • Josh & Emily stories. It sounds like they were close before his change, so any of that or the healing afterward is nice. I enjoy addiction stories, although I do prefer happy endings with those particular themes if possible. Maybe stories of her supporting his curse and him supporting her addiction – or Aidan/Sally/Nora helping them both out. I liked the canon LGBTQ representation and would enjoy any closer look into Emily's relationships.

  • Alternate endings. Or time-travel. They're both canon anyway, so go wild, I say! Crossovers are fun and super-easy with this fandom too *cough*, and I always love a good crossover.



Guys, I only just discovered Galavant! So of course I watched all of it right away. Then I discovered there will be no more! So of course there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Use any or all characters! I will revel in Galavant with wanton abandon. King Richard and Gareth are probably my favorites, and I adore both actors. Especially Timothy Omundson (he's fun in Psych & SPN, too). I'm heartbroken that I won't get more Tad Cooper! I threw in Galavant because it is his show, but any of the other characters are encouraged as well. Maybe not Wormwood. And I could also probably do without the fart jokes.

Some prompt ideas if you'd like:

  • Richard & Gareth: past, present, or future. Richard's adventures as the one true king. Richard and anyone tripping back at Xanax's. Richard and Tad Cooper, with or without any of his friends. For an evil tyrant, Richard makes a whole lot of friends! I particularly enjoyed him with the chef and the jester. It might be interesting to see how a friendship develops between him and Isabella. Maybe have Tad Cooper and the unicorn bonding over him.

  • Anything Gareth. I pretty much enjoyed all of his storylines and would love to see more. Anything written from his POV is bound to be interesting. I actually thought he was surprisingly good with Madalena. I'd love to see their relationship explored more, or Gareth and Sid's adventures saving her from herself. Gareth's a hottie, and him going all dom on Madalena would be delicious. Or vice versa. An AU where Gareth becomes the Pirate King could be fun.

  • Galavant and Madalena's backstory. Yeah, the sex was good, but how was he so blindsided before? She doesn't bother hiding her horribleness. It would be fun to see Galavant, Richard, and Tad Cooper come together to help Gareth and Sid. Throw in Isabella and the whole gang if you like! I know I didn't pick her, but I do enjoy how Madalena is unapologetically evil. What happens after she throws herself into D'DEW? Are they a formidable force or as bumblingly obvious as Wormwood, and is King Richard the one to save the world? On purpose?

If it's at all helpful, I'm also Ahavah on AO3. And Goodreads if you're interested in my Kushiel reviews.

Thank you so very much!
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