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Several LJ Updates

I've mostly-completed my massive LJ update, now that I'm committed to fully participating here again! By that I mean getting active in commenting and in my groups again, because I've been pretty good about posting. I've been doing the rest as time allows.

This update includes:

  • Streamlined tags. I merged where I could, deleted several barely-used tags, and started a new 'readathon' tag since that's becoming a regular thing for me.

  • Culled friends-list. Again, that really breaks my heart to do, but I have been clinging to the past for far too long. IF YOU ARE STILL HERE, READING, &/OR STILL INTERESTED IN BEING MY FRIEND AND I INADVERTENTLY DELETED YOU, PLEASE SPEAK UP! Otherwise, I'm in the midst of some conscious work letting go of the past in order to move forward, as well as tightening the f-lock situation after devastating breaches of confidence/harassment by supposed "trusted friends". Maintaining a tight ship is the only way for me to continue feeling safe here.

  • Updated links in my sidebar! I deleted a lot of old ones from 10+ years ago. Wow. I have more current links, and I hope to add helpful ones as I find/write them. So if you particularly like any of my posts and think I should have quick access to them, please let me know.

  • I also cut a lot of old junk from my profile page, though that was done a while ago.

  • After sitting on it for six months, and after editing posts for my readathon tag when I realized I had totally misremembered how many times I'd participated, I decided to edit my book review of Ecoming-bay Uman-hay (attempting to preemptively head off Google Alerts this time & save myself and readers some grief) to include the following important message:

    Edited to MOST STRONGLY add: This author argued with my review both here on my blog (which you can see in comments) and much, much more over on my Amazon review. She WOULD NOT STOP until several other people chimed in to echo my Seriously, do not be that author comments. Such bad form and horrible unprofessionalism! I most strongly urge everyone to avoid her novels. Damned shame, but it wasn't near worth the grief, and I cannot in good conscience leave anything remotely encouraging others to give her a chance.

I think that's about it. I've been posting mostly publicly lately, so if anyone with an LJ (even a dead one) is reading and wants in on f-locked posts, let me know. If I thought you were gone, that's why your journal was 'unfriended'. Personal health issues, family stuff, and goals-in-progress will likely be f-locked.
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