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NaNo Update & NaNo Goodies

Guess I'll start with goodies, since everyone likes those best.

I am Municipal Liaison for the Missouri: Elsewhere region, which is spread particularly far and wide. Many people can't make it to write-ins, so I'm trying to do some things for all participants in my region.

To that end, I've created a Google folder with some online goodies. There are some good resources, including character sheets, plotting help, and my very first attempt at making a NaNo calendar (which I'm fairly happy with). Check it out and see if anything appeals to you:

Great Googley Moogley!

I've also made some online write-ins in addition to my usual Monday eve/Friday am write-ins. I will be hosting Wednesday morning write-ins through November – and they are themed character days! Feel free to join us in chatzy if this is something that interests you. I'm excited about it. The dates are as follows:

10/2 – Come as your Main Character
10/9 – Come as a Supporting Character
10/16 – Come as your Antagonist
10/23 – Come as your Favorite Character
10/30 – Online TGIO party/come as One of the Previous Characters, Now Changed by the events of your novel

I'm doing a lot of online NaNoWriMo events, and my friends/writing buddies are welcome to join in on any of them. If that's something you're interested in, feel free to subscribe to/check out the Missouri: Elsewhere region. I, of course, am particularly stoked about the whole space theme and am sending out space-themed emails as well, so you could totally watch me revel in my happy squee zone this year.

And, last but certainly not least, I have finally decided YES on time travel! Maybe it's too much, but I'd be sad without it. I plan to use it sparingly unless I get picked up for a trilogy or something. I'm still working out the logistics, and now I have to almost completely rewrite one of my chapters, but I'm hoping to get all that done before November.

I've made a helpful character bio and 'cast' my role, as I like to do. Sort of. We first meet said character at age 11, but we see/will eventually see her at various ages...and in various orders. I envision her as being very similar (in many more ways than looks) to Gina Torres. I need an 11-ish and maybe very young adult 'play by', if anyone has suggestions.

Other than these revisions I'm wrapping up, I am so ready this year!
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