Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Ivy Memories

Some of my favorite Ivy memories are about my Reiki Master attunment. I had been eagerly awaiting it when the class was offered during my pregnancy. I'm the type of mom who won't even cut my kids' hair without it being their decision, so I was really torn. But ultimately I figured that the timing was for a reason, and I became a Reiki Master/Teacher.

It was a powerful, heady experience. My RM felt that I had received my attunement and the baby had received three hoops, one for each level. He felt we were both RMs, and after she was born, it was entirely obvious. Ivy is my natural-born Reiki Master, and I could tangibly feel the difference between her energy and that of Josh or Eden's, whom I had later attuned.

I was pregnant when I passed my very first attunement. I wanted reiki during labor, and I hadn't gotten around to Josh's class/attunement yet. As with Eden, my water broke well before labor, so I spent the day filling him in on class-type info while we ran around getting things ready. We were at my mom's house when I did the actual attunement, and THAT may have been the most powerful experience I ever had. I don't know if it was because it was my first attunement, or because I was pregnant with a second little RM, or because it was mine and Josh's energy, but it was astounding. I felt like we practically exploded – or perhaps imploded – with so much energy. I can still feel it when I talk about it, eleven years later.

I realized undoubtedly that she was a RM after she was born. I have a meditation that I like to do with my kids when I'm nursing in bed. I visualize all this love and reiki energy flowing through both of us, through my milk, and I do like a chakra-cleansing/aligning-ours-together thing as we lie and bond together. When I started doing that with Ivy, I felt her responding with powerful energy of her own! It's a legitimate difference, and it's awesome.

I remember the febrile seizure she had that scared me so, but that's not a favorite by far. What is a favorite is her beautiful, crooked smile once she was for sure okay. I say crooked because she looked funny for weeks afterward. I can still look at pictures and tell you if that was around her seizure-time. It lasted almost 15 minutes, which Josh says I exaggerate about, but I don't. I'm used to timing his seizures, I had the flylady-implanted 15 min timer, and she only quit shaking moments before the paramedics arrived.

But that smile the next day...I've never been so happy to see a baby smile.

Her squeal as she held Achaiah, often by the face, with Achaiah just licking her senseless.

The occasional moments she and Eden play nicely together and obviously love each other.

Her baking.

Her unwavering zeal for Halloween.

The fact that she thinks a pinky promise means she can cut your finger off if you break it.

The Walking Dead/My Little Pony crossover she wrote for her first NaNoWriMo.

So many things I hope I'll never forget.
Tags: ivy, memories, nanowrimo, pregnancy, reiki, sharing my sacred

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